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Monologue Mania Day #655 You by Janet S. Tiger Nov. 28, 2015

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Monologue Mania Day #655 You by Janet S. Tiger  Nov. 28, 2015

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       (This is a woman of 19, in 1973, so she has on bellbottom jeans and a NOW button.  She addresses the meeting)

I am really happy to bring someone new to this one and only....Mother!  Mom, please stand up so everyone can see how much you need this group!

         (She indicates her mother, who refuses to stand)

Okay, Mom, we got it - no standing yet.  But we will help you get to where you can stand up....not just for yourself, but for what you believe in!  That's what you taught whole life.  And I'm grateful...which is why I brought you can get the help you need to break out of the absolute prison that is your life!

I know you love Dad...that's my father....and I love him, too, he's not a bad guy....but he is, above all...a guy....and one of the most difficult of the species....a complete and utter chauvanist!

I remember when we were were the one who did all the house stuff, all the food, and the cleaning....and me and Adam.....that was YOUR job, right?  Not his!


Okay, sure, he DID do the Little League thing, but that was for Adam, and Adam didn't even want to play!  Now, me,  I wanted to play!  But no girls allowed in Little League - and no leagues for girls yet......and when you wanted to go back to college....which you dropped out of so he could finish law that typical or what?....when you wanted to go back for your degree in Social Work....which you really wanted, right, Mom?  What did he say?

(Imitates her father, very condescending)  But Laura, who's going to take care of the children?  We can't have them running loose like dogs!

(Imitates mother, meek) But Henry, the children are older now, and Shelley can watch Adam....and it's only one class a semester, two nights a week.....

(Father, horrified)  Two nights!  Shelley is only 12!

(Mother)  But she babysits....

(Father)  And if there's a problem, what will people say?  That you care more about a...(sputtering)...a degree!.....than your own children!

(Mother, more beaten down)  My mother could help out....

(Father even more horrified)  Your....your Mother!  That radical!  She will turn them into socialists at the first chance, absolutely NO!  Did you hear me?

(Mother, beaten down completely)  Yes, dear.....

(Father, hands on hips, bellowing)  I said....NOOOOOOOOOOOO!

(Back to herself)         And that was it.  He had the last word.....but you can't stop the future....and in my first year here, I found this group and it was home!  Not that I don't love our home, Mom, but this is where I started to find out what I think, and what I want, not what Dad tells me to think and want.....and I know that ...when you come here enough Mom, you will start to learn, too......because college is not just learning in a's real learning......

           (Turns to leave, stops, looks back)

Learning to be.....yourself......Welcome home, Mom, we're glad to have you here!

           (She exits as everyone looks at her mother, and her mother awkwardly approaches the stage.  Blackout)
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