Thursday, November 26, 2015

Monologue Mania Day #653 Hidden Seed (for Seeds of Doubt) by Janet S. Tiger Nov. 26, 2015

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Monologue Mania Day #653 Hidden Seed (for Seeds of Doubt) by Janet S. Tiger  Nov. 26, 2015

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                                              Hidden Seed
                                             (for Seeds of Doubt)
                                        Janet S. Tiger    
                                © 2015  all rights reserved 

        (The great grandmother, Big G, is seen holding her daughter who is crying)

Daughter, you are wasting all tears on put tears on seed, seed not grow right.  Too much salt.

There is time for cry, time for is time pray raise children, never know which way they seeds.  Some seed need lotta attention, they have to get extra help to grow.  Then when they get big, they get strong, shade you from problem of too hot sun.

Other seed, you not notice where they go, they .....blown in wind.  No help, but they grow big and tall and strong....but too far to give shade from too hot sun.

Which better seed?  Both.

Because the seed that most here....

        (She touches her heart)

Seed of heart in person need lotta care, all people.  Seed in heart very easy bruise.  My mother told me .... some people have seed all shrivel up, but there always chance seed get right food, right shrivel up seed grow good too, burst out of soul like star!

That what you pray for now.....not for him, but for you, for your heart to understand what your son do....because to love is not easy when things hard.  When good time, love easy....but now, now is chance for heart seed to burst out of touch make him know, you still love......

         (Lights down)
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