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Monologue Mania Day #649 Decision by Janet S. Tiger Nov. 22, 2015

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Monologue Mania Day #649 Decision by Janet S. Tiger  Nov. 22, 2015

                                           by Janet S. Tiger 
                                     (c) 2015 all rights reserved 
        (Woman- in her forties - is looking at some photos and shows one to her daughter.)

Yes, that little girl looks like you....but it was me.  And that was my mother, your grandmother....and here she is, with her mother, marching......for the suffragettes.  A long time ago......

Back when they got tomatoes thrown at them.. back when the thought of voting was just a dream.

(Sighs heavily)  Where did my dreams go?  I saw your father, and all my dreams...they all went into one dream - marriage and a family.  But before that, I wanted to help people.....I hated when I saw what happened in Europe, during and after the war.  I used to organize groups of women to send canned foods, and different items to churches over there.  Things like ...needles, thread....books, paper, pens.....hard to get items that I used to get letters of thanks from saved some.....

        (She holds them up and her daughter looks at them)

I am going to help your group,....whatever your father thinks. For a change.....maybe it's time for me to do a little thinking....about what I'm going to do next......

         (They look at the photos as lights dim)

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