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Monologue Mania Day # 1448 A Gallon of Water by Janet S. Tiger (c) Jan. 31, 2018

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Monologue Mania Day # 1448 A Gallon of Water by Janet S. Tiger (c) Jan. 31, 2018  

                          A Gallon of Water
                            A monologue by Janet S. Tiger   © all rights reserved                                                                                              tigerteam1@gmail.com

         (A man walks onstage carrying a gallon of water in a bottle that has a strap so it can be held by the strap.  He lifts the gallon and holds it up)

A gallon of water.

Here, go ahead.  You hold it for a minute......

How does that feel?  Heavy isn't it?  Almost eight and a half pounds......

If we stood here for 20 minutes, that would get heavier and heavier.

If you had to walk a mile with this, it would be heavy.....and if you had one in each hand, you wouldn't be able to switch hands.......and in a few miles, it would weight.....a hundred pounds!


Heavy water.

I want you to think about what it must have been like to carry a gallon of water back to your house.  From the well.  Not the river, that would have been even harder, so we'll just pretend you're carrying it into your house from the well.

Pulling the water up from how many feet down is the well?  Ten feet? Fifteen feet? Twenty feet?  And you have to pull that gallon of water up and you have to carry it over into your kitchen. 

         (Swings the gallon)

Don't swing it too much or you could lose some of that water!

Because you need every drop!

What does one gallon of water do?

Well, it can cook some things, and it can wash some clothing and maybe some dishes....maybe with another few gallons give you a bath...once the water is heated up of course....which will take a little while.  How much time will you spend every day to get the water you need.....an hour?  Two?

And let's say, you're going to take that water and drink that gallon - how long does it take for a family of say ...five....- two adults and three children - to drink a gallon of water?

If everyone takes a quart, that's....oh my!  That's more than a gallon!  You better go out to the well and get some more! 

And what if...what if you had only one gallon of water left.....what might that feel like?

    (Opens the bottle, takes a swig, wipes mouth, smiles, turns to leave, stops, looks back)

So next time, you feel like leaving your water running in the sink, or your hose outside......maybe....think about....all the people who still have to carry......a gallon of water.....

       (Exits drinking)
We are lucky to have water at our fingertips - according to WHO-
  • 844 million people lack even a basic drinking-water service, including 159 million people who are dependent on surface water.
For more info, please click here


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Jennifer Silva Redmond said...

So true and timely, with Capetown in the news...they are running out of water...Conservation is key!