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Monologue Mania Day # 1442 My Brother's Keeper (for Crime) by Janet S. Tiger (c) Jan. 25, 2018

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Monologue Mania Day # 1442  My Brother's Keeper by Janet S. Tiger (c) Jan. 25, 2018     
                                       My Brother's Keeper
                                       A monologue by Janet S. Tiger 
                                             ©  all rights reserved

          (In  the dark, we hear the detective speaking)

And Cain talked toAbel his brother, and it came to pass, when they were in the field, that Cain rose up against Abel his brother, and slew him.. And the Lord said unto Cain, Where is Abel thy brother?

          (Lights up on the detective)

So this could be called the first police interrogation....

         (Reads from the book in his hands)

And Cain said, I know not....Am I my brother's keeper?

          (He closes the book, puts it in his pocket)

Am I my brother's keeper.....

         (He takes a piece of chalk out of his pocket, looks at it)


We all take different paths in life, but they all come to the same end.  Some of us will die in our own bed, others in the wrong bed, some will die in hospitals, others will be helped to die.  Killed.  That's where I come in......Unlike God, I don't exactly know what happened, so I have to figure it out......

         (He takes the chalk and draws an outline on the floor)

Numbers.  Bodies.  Numbers of bodies.....

Most people never have to deal with a murder in their entire lives.

Now, if you watch TV, you would think that's an impossible statistic, but....just like serious fires, and major catastrophic events, in a lifetime, it's usually not gonna happen.

Now, a car accident, and a related death or injury, almost everyone has to deal with that.  But a murder.....unless you're in the criminal justice business, odds are the only killings you will see are on the favorite show.....or the news.

We are fascinated by death, and, unfortunately, by murder.

I think that's why people love mysteries so much.  Life is a big mystery, but in a TV show, the problem is solved in an hour, or, if they want, they can drag it on through a few shows, maybe a season.  But solved it is, or no one watches.

Take this, though, here in the real world......

           (He kneels by the chalk figure)

Last night, this was a human being...... breathing, thinking, loving.


           (He takes a rag from his pocket and erases the chalk)

Now they are gone......and my job is to figure who the perpetrator is......perhaps why, although sometimes you never know. And sometimes we never know who the killer is.....or we know, but can't do anything about it.

           (He rubs his foot where the chalk was)

And all that person was becomes information on paper, on a computer.  The body is now a body of evidence.

           (He takes out a pad from his pocket)

This body has no name yet....John Doe.  Time of death....within the last three to four hours.  Stabbed, shot, strangled......poisoned, electrocuted, pushed down the stairs, run over, drowned, bludgeoned...or maybe just scared to death.

Somewhere, probably, hopefully, a family member is watching, waiting, wondering when this person will come home.  And either I, or another police officer, will let them know....this person will never be coming home again.

Why did I pick this profession?  Because I fit the character mold for a detective......loves fairness and justice, and wants to protect people.

         (He turns to go, stops, looks back)

And I love donuts.

        (He takes a donut from another pocket, starts eating it as he exits.  End of scene)

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