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Monologue Mania Day # 1444 Finally with detective (for Crime) by Janet S. Tiger (c) Jan. 27, 2018

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Monologue Mania Day # 1444 Finally with detective (for Crime) by Janet S. Tiger (c) Jan. 27, 2018  

I think I figured out where to put this scene - altered a bit to have the detective seen with this woman -in my play CRIME
                                           (for Crime)
                            A monologue by Janet S. Tiger   © all rights reserved                                                                                    

           (The detective is in spotlight)

DETECTIVE -  Some cases stay with you....for years.  Maybe not because of the killer, but the dead person's family.....

          (The black woman who comes out is dressed for church - nice dress, big hat and a large purse.  She takes the purse and sets it on the floor.)

MOTHER - Thank you, your honor, for giving me this chance to speak.  I don't know if I can remember all the things I wanted to say, so I put them on a paper, but, then I can't find it, so I'm just gonna tell you what I can recall.

Because you see, there are some days you never forget.  Like the day my baby boy was born.  He was a big baby, a happy baby.  Boy did he like to eat!  Anything I put in front of him!  By the time he was in first grade, he played with the big kids, and they respected him because he could hold his own.

By the time he hit seventh grade, he was like a man, tall, strong....but always sweet.  He used to tell me, 'Momma, one day, I'm gonna buy you a house, with a big yard so you can grow your tomatoes outside in the sun.' And I believe he meant it......He wasn't perfect, of course, no child is, but he was a good boy....

         (She takes out a handkerchief and wipes her forehead.)

Some things you never forget.

          (She looks at the detective who walks over to her - he has on a policeman's hat now)

When a policeman comes to your know it's not good. 

 I will never forget what he said......

DETECTIVE - (Hesitant, young)  'Mrs. Taylor, do you have a son, Tyrell?' 

MOTHER -..... and I knew, right then, I knew.

         (Turns to the detective)

MOTHER - Yes, I do.  

DETECTIVE - Do you have someone at home with you? Would you like to sit down?'  

MOTHER - And I told him no one was home, but it didn't matter, because I knew.

He was a young man, and I could see he had not done a lot of these.  And he told me my baby was dead.  It felt as if all the air had been sucked out of the earth in that moment.  How?  My boy was eating a hot dog at the local De Weinershnitzel.......and some guy at the next table got mad at his girlfriend and shot at her.  But she ducked.  And the bullets hit Tyrell and two other people, people just sitting and having something to eat.  The others survived, but not Tyrell.

He was never in a gang.  He loved football, and he had a good chance at a scholarship and a good life.  Done.  Did they catch the man who killed him?  No.

He ran away, and for twenty-seven years, I have waited. 

Not one day goes by where I don't think of my baby.  People who don't lose a baby, don't know.
Every day, I pray, right before I go to sleep, that they gonna catch the man who killed my baby.

And I will never forget the day they came to tell me the news.

(Laughs a little)   It was the same fellow as the first day, older a bit, a detective now, but he remembered me, and I remembered him.    

         (The detective has removed the policeman's hat, perhaps has on a jacket now)

DETECTIVE - Finally.....

           (The detective steps back, moves to his spotlight)

MOTHER  - what he said to me.  I just looked.  And I sighed.  Finally.  I knew they would catch him.  

I had prayed every single day of those years, and now, I am here at his sentencing because I wanted to look him in the face.  To look at the face of the man who killed my baby.

(Getting angry)  I tell you all of this because I am here to ask that you have no.lenience with this man who killed my son.  I want you to punish him, and make him regret his actions.  No amount of years can bring back my baby.....nothing will bring him back!.....(She takes a deep breath)...but killing this man..........

           (she points)

..... won't do it neither.

So you can put him away until he rots if you have to.....but don't kill a man and say it's to make it even.  It will never be the same......and I do not want it on my conscience that I was a part of a murder.

           (She turns to leave, stops, looks back at the killer)

And finally......may God have mercy on your soul......

         (She nods to the detective and he tips his hat.  Lights down on her.)


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