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Monologue Mania Day # 1439 Whatever Happened to Michelle Kwan? (for Crime) by Janet S. Tiger (c) Jan. 22, 2018

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Monologue Mania Day # 1439 Whatever Happened to Michelle Kwan? (for Crime) by Janet S. Tiger (c) Jan. 22, 2018    
                       Whatever Happened to Michelle Kwan?
                                       A monologue by Janet S. Tiger 
                                             ©  all rights reserved

      (Woman skates onstage carrying a baseball bat, stops, drops the bat and removes the skates)

I wanted to be a skater!  I watched the Olympics and the Nationals and I just knew I could jump higher than anyone else!  It was such a beautiful sport!  So inspiring, so breathtaking!  So....pure.....

        (She picks up the bat and swings it)

And then there was Tonya!  Tonya Harding!  She had to go screw it all up!  I mean, she took something special, and she made

And she still got to skate in the Olympics!  I mean, how did that happen?  Everyone knew her idiot boyfriend husband and his idiot friend did it, how could she not have known?  And then people decided to give her the benefit of the lovely!  And now, all these years later, she tells the world that ....well, maybe she OVERHEARD those guys talk about taking out another skater a few months before....but she TOLD them NOT to do it because she could win with her skating!

What a girl!  And then, when it happened, did she run to the police because she knew it must be them?  No.  Because she LOVED this guy.  Ah, love.

Well, I have another take on the whole thing.  Something no one ever mentions.  If Tonya hadn't skated, who was next in line?  Michelle Kwan.  Who was very young, but so fantastic!  What if, just what if, they had kicked Tonya to the curb where she belonged, and Michelle went to that Olympics.  Up against Nancy Kerrigan.  But no one knows....because TONYA HARDING got to go!  And even with all the prizes Michelle got, she never got Olympic Gold.

Was that fair?  Was that a crime, too?  Like the hurting of Nancy, did the people in charge add to the hurt, by letting Tonya skate.  And skate poorly at that!

When you think of crime, no one ever thinks about the people affected on the when Kevin Spacey molests people and then they cancel his show, what about all those people working on the show?  Were they part of the crime?

A woman goes to jail and can't raise her children, then it turns out she was wrongly convicted, only her kids are 15 and 12 years old now.  There is definitely a crime, but who's the one who gets to pay?

         (She turns to leave, stops, looks back)

How do I know about this so much?  (Laughs)  I was the one in second place when the Junior Miss in my city lied about her ....age.  But no one checked until the whole thing was my chance was over.  Was she a criminal?  I don't know....but I do know....she was wrong......and Michelle should've been allowed to skate....... 

         (She takes the bat and skates and walks out slowly.  Based -unfortunately! - on true stories!


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