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Monologue Mania Day # 1427 The Other Woman by Janet S. Tiger (c) Jan. 10, 2018

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Monologue Mania Day # 1427 The Other Woman by Janet S. Tiger (c) Jan. 10, 2018     
                                          The Other Woman 
                       (originally for THE ANGINA MONOLOGUES Feb. 2012)
                                A monologue by Janet S. Tiger   © all rights reserved                                                                                         tigerteam1@gmail.com 

            (A woman comes onstage – she is elegant, her hair well-coiffed, nails, purse, hat – even     though she is older, she is lovely.)

(Thoughtful)  The other woman – in all my life I never thought that I would be…(she pulls up her skirt a little to show her legs off, flirting)  …..the other woman.  But here I am, 78years old, and I am having an affair with a married man.
Of course, it’s not like we sneak around.  Although it’s not like his wife knows about us, either, because, well…(sad) she doesn’t know much of anything these days.
(Remembering) When I met Jeffrey, he’d been taking care of Eleanor for over five years.  (Smiling)  I met him at the coffee shop.  It was very romantic.  He spilled coffee on me and he was very upset.  I could tell he was a very sad man, and so I sat with him to let him know the coffee was no problem.

It was only years later – - that he told me the truth.  It turns out that he’d  been watching me for weeks, and had spilled the coffee on purpose, to finally meet me.  It had taken him a month to get up the courage to do that.  I said that was what young, foolish men did, and he said that’s the way he met Eleanor.

            (She stops for a moment, remembering)

It certainly wasn’t like with Ted.  We were high school sweethearts - was married at 18 – I was a virgin, of course, in those days, there wasn’t much choice.  My family had been very clear what happened to girls who were not…(says it with a smile) …pure on their wedding night.  These girls were disowned and became prostitutes to take care of their unwanted children, of which they would have many because that’s what happened to girls like that.

So, John and I were married 40 years.  Never did I even think of having an affair.  Not that I didn’t have lots of opportunities!  I worked as a secretary in a big company – a lot of the girls had affairs with their bosses.  Not I.  One girl I knew had two children and she was still working and having an affair.  I couldn’t figure out where she found the time!

She said (imitating a Boston accent) ‘You always make time for what you really want to do.” I remember that.  I also couldn’t figure out how she kept it a secret.
She told me no one would ever find out – her husband and kids had no idea.  And she was right – they didn’t – until she was killed in a car crash….with her boss….near the hotel where they were staying….. and some love letters turned up in her purse.
Once we had children, I stayed home with them.  When John retired, we traveled to visit the grandchildren.  I loved John until the day he died.  (Remembering)   No, that’s not true.  I still love John and he’s been dead almost 20 years.  And I know that Jeffrey still loves Eleanor….the Eleanor he married.  Love is funny that way.  

So….when John died, I figured my life was in a new phase…and then, Jeff.
It’s funny, you don’t think that love will be the same when you’re older.  But it is!  You get the same butterflies, and you think about that person and wonder if they’re thinking of you….you get them funny cards, and he gets you flowers and candy…soft candy ….because anything else costs thousands of dollars to fix!

We have breakfast together almost every day.  Eleanor eats with us.  Sometimes she thinks I’m her mother, other times, I’m her Auntie from Tennessee.  And once in awhile, I get the feeling she might even know who I really am – but is happy for Roger in a strange way.

Jeff's’s children don’t mind – they know I’m not after his money….. because most of it has been spent on help for Eleanor.  He got professionals in to keep an eye after she started ….wandering away.......forgetting to wear clothing when she ran out in the street.

One day, he’ll have to put her in a home of some kind.  That's coming soon, I think.  I know he won’t like that – but it's part of the process.  Eleanor is gone, and has been for many years.  She just isn't dead yet, that's all.
So, where will that leave me when she dies?  Will I be Jeff's date at his wife's funeral?  Now there's an etiquette situation Emily Post never talked about.  

(Laughs)   One thing I’ve learned over time, is that you never know who is going to die first, so, I live one day at a time.
And until something happens, I will be…the other woman…..

            (She turns to go, then looks back and smiles)

I am, however, thinking of sewing on a big 'A' on all my clothing….
            (She laughs and exits.) 

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