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Monologue Mania Day # 1418 Thank you, Gal Gadot's Mother by Janet S. Tiger (c) Jan. 1, 2018

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Monologue Mania Day # 1418  Thank you, Gal Gadot's Mother   by Janet S. Tiger (c) Jan. 1, 2018                          
                       Thank you, Gal Gadot's Mother
                                      ©Janet S. Tiger all rights reserved
            (The actor emerges, ok, it's me again!)

This past year has been quite a year - some might say there were a lot of problems,
and maybe that was true, but today I wanted to start the new year with something upbeat -
 and I just wanted to tip my New Year's hat to Gal Gadot, who played the lead in
 WONDER WOMAN, one of the top films of 2017.

Yes, it was quite a year for Gal - I watched and read how she was pregnant 
while finishing WONDER WOMAN, how she had morning sickness, and how
she had an assistant carry a bucket around to help her. (The assistant actually helped
by singing during Gal's need for the bucket)

And then I saw the movie with my daughter, and it was quite a movie!  
Running, jumping, even flying!  All while pregnant!  What a woman!     

But what really impressed me was something that came out of an interview - and - unlike
the magical, impossible abilities of Wonder Woman, it was advice I could actually use - 
and it was not from Gal, but from, yes, her mom!  Now to be honest, I can't remember, whether 
the interview was in print, or live - but I do remember the exact words.  

Gal said her mother had always impressed upon her the importance of  being neat, and 
had used the expression - 'Messy in the eyes, messy in the head'.

And I loved it!  Now here was something useful!  Not a lasso, or a headband or a whip (okay, the 
whip might have value, but it is highly illegal)  no, this was advice for the ages.  Sensible but succinct
and I have now used this expression to neaten up big areas of my house.

Okay, a spot here and there, but now, whenever I see a mess, I think of those words.....
and try to straighten up a bit.  

And then I think of yet another quote from the same family- from Gal Gadot's daughter.who said.....
every woman is a wonder woman.

What truths!  And what a good way to start the year - wishing all my readers  a  Happy, Healthy
and WONDER-full New Year for all!
And for those who don't believe it - you can check out the million interviews with Gal Gadot online -
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