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Monologue Mania Day # 1445 What Was I Just Thinking by Janet S. Tiger (c) Jan. 28, 2018

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Monologue Mania Day # 1445 What Was I Just Thinking by Janet S. Tiger (c) Jan. 28, 2018  

January 27 was Holocaust Remembrance Day, and I did have a monologue from previous years - click here for I Wonder  and I recommend an amazing story from the Holocaust about a family in Italy that saved 12 Jewish lives - please click here for that story.

And now for something new!

                                  What Was I Just Thinking?
                            A monologue by Janet S. Tiger   © all rights reserved                                                                                    

an idea - like a hummingbird - suddenly floated into my brain.  Maybe a better word is whizzed, flapped?  Anyhow, the idea was there.  Real.  Good enough to write down on a memorandum email with the subject 'monologue ideas xyzzz'  (the xyzzz is to be able to really find it - much better than trying to remember a keyword!)

And then, as I scrolled through the BookBub list of books I should - but never will have time to- read, the hummingbird is gone.  The thought with it.

What was it?  What did it even involve?  I cannot even recall the subject, except that my brain had analyzed the content and said - save this, good idea, maybe, for later.  And I just a moment, I will do it.......I just want to finish this list - this completely unimportant list!......and so, by scrolling down the list of books - first about unusual real people and times, to the inevitable murder mystery collections - I had this sensation of the disappearance of the little idea bird.  Hummingbird gone!

Where did the idea go?  In my youth, which is in my rear view mirror except for my crazy, I could remember things FOREVER.  Or so I thought.  Ah, sweet bird of youth!

Sweet Hummingbird of Youth!  Beautiful and yet fleet, okay,maybe one idea slipped away, but this is the next.  The flower the hummingbird buzzed around, the idea left growing in the manure of my brain....wait, that doesn't sound right.  How the fertile fallows of my mind......always gentle on my mind......well, maybe not so gentle......hmm, that sounds like a song.....fluttering in and out.....

........(several hours elapse)

And so here it is, the end of the day.....and the original thought has never reappeared.  I have written down perhaps a dozen other ideas (ok, maybe only 4 - I forgot the rest!) but that missing one is gone.  Or is it?  Does it hover nearby, waiting for a fleeting chance to flutter back?  Such is aging......the only thing I am ever sure about that I am no longer sure of anything!

       (I turn to leave, stop, look back)

The ideas....the missing seeds in the wind.  Sown by some mystic universal force, I bow to their magical powers and keep pen and paper nearby....just in case they come back.  Now if only I can remember to write them where is that pencil and paper......

        (I exit to another monologue tomorrow)


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I do this at least once a day!