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Monologue Mania Day # 1438 Guilty (for Crime) by Janet S. Tiger (c) Jan. 21, 2018

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Monologue Mania Day # 1438 Guilty (for Crime) by Janet S. Tiger (c) Jan. 21, 2018   
                                         Guilty (for Crime) 
                                       A monologue by Janet S. Tiger 
                                             ©  all rights reserved

DETECTIVE -  What is crime?  Hey they charged me $5.00 for that cheese and it was on sale for
 $3.99 - what a crime!
Well, actually, if they did it deliberately to all the customers it is a crime.  Otherwise, it's just an accident.  A mistake.
I've been in this business for almost 35 years, and it's still a mystery exactly how to define crime.  
Okay, the agreement is pretty universal- murder is a crime.

But what about if you take away someone's life.....because they get put in jail for something 
they didn't do?  Is that a crime - or a mistake?

       (Lights up on DAUGHTER, she is in her 40s)

DAUGHTER -  (Upset)  Oh, please!  I know you did a lot of work on my father's case......
it wasn't your fault!

DETECTIVE -  I guess, I just wonder, if maybe, I'd spent a little more time...

DAUGHTER -  (Laughs)  On what?  He was there, you had fingerprints and a dead body....

DETECTIVE -  But I guess....he had no history of violence ....I always knew he 
was innocent...

DAUGHTER -  (Laughs)  Innocent?  My father?  I always knew he was guilty!

DETECTIVE -  (Surprised)  But....he didn't do it......the reason he couldn't remember killing 
that man.....was because....he didn't do it.....we caught the man who did....

DAUGHTER -  You don't understand at all, do you?   He was guilty!  He was guilty of being a drunk!
  My whole childhood, we never knew who was gonna walk in the door....
 my father or the drunk!

 He may not have stabbed anyone, but why was he in that place?  Why wasn't he home with his family?
  Why did he have to take the money that would've given us 
 a decent  life and piss it away!  No, he was guilty, and I didn't go and visit him one day in prison!  
And I have no regrets!  
My Mom went, and my brother, but not me.   And from I understand, you're the reason
he's getting out.....when, in three days?

DETECTIVE -  Sorry it takes so long, but there are all types of procedures....

DAUGHTER -  Please.....I do not plan to see him when he gets out.  Guilty is guilty.  Thank you for seeing that justice of some kind was done.....but.....I just don't care.
                   because....him being in prison all these years, well, it was the best thing for
                    our whole family......we did better in school, we went to college, we got jobs, and neither of us is a drunk.  So......  I hope you don't spend one minute 
                    wondering if you did the right thing.....because it's a waste of your time......

                   (The detective hangs his head as the lights go down on her)

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