Monday, May 22, 2017

Monologue Mania Day # 1194 Misst (for Caregivers Anonymous) by Janet S. Tiger (c) May 22, 2017

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Monologue Mania Day # 1194 Misst  (for Caregivers Anonymous) by Janet S. Tiger (c) May 22, 2017  

                                            (for Caregivers Anonymous)
                                             a monologue by Janet S. Tiger 
                                                (c) all rights reserved (c) 2017

         (Woman stands to address the group)

Interesting question - Now that we're caregivers, what do we miss the most?

That one is tough for me - I miss so many things!  Like not being on a pill schedule!.....

         (The others laugh and agree)

Or not being worried when the phone rings......going to the bathroom and being able to close the door - because with the door closed I can't hear if someone is falling down!

But if I have to pick one thing I miss the most, it would have to be............wasting time.

         (Listens, waves it away)

No way is coming here a waste of time!  We have a schedule, and we help each other, nah, definitely not a waste!

Wasting time is something for the young, and those without obligation....  And the only reason I remember it at all is that last week, a few friends took me out, while one stayed with my mother.  And I didn't have to be home by a certain curfew!

And we went to the movies, and sat outside at a gelato place that is open until two in the morning, It was warm, then it got a little cool, and foggy, and mystical.....and just plain silly!....and we laughed and talked, and laughed some more......and suddenly the place was closing.  And if you ask me, I couldn't tell you what we talked about.....or laughed about.  Shooting the breeze - shootin' off our mouths......just wasting time....I remember those days fondly.....

And that is what is missed the most for me.....but maybe I should say....mist....M-I-S-S -T -like in the foggy stuff.....

         (She sits as the others applaud)

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