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Monologue Mania Day #625 Where it REALLY Belongs by Janet S. Tiger Oct. 29, 2015

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Monologue Mania Day #625 Where it REALLY Belongs by Janet S. Tiger  Oct. 29, 2015
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                                     Where it REALLY Belongs!
                                           by Janet S. Tiger 
                                     (c) 2015 all rights reserved 
        (The youngish woman comes onstage carrying a very overstuffed handbag, which she holds and pats lovingly)

Oh, thank you for letting me hold onto this, it's my favorite purse in the whole world!  

            (Listens, sits down, still holding purse on lap)

And I really appreciate your helping me with all this.....I feel free!


Oh, certainly, I remember our agreement, and I will be so happy to tell you see it all started with self-help books......I love those books.  They really are very helpful.  Empowering!  That's one of the words I was grateful to learn, and now use in my everyday vocabulary.......I have become EMPOWERED.....and I have learned to love myself, and do things I've never even dreamed of before!  I even jumped out of a plane!  With a parachute of course, and an instructor holding me....and screaming at the top of my lungs, but I did it!

You have to understand, being the assistant manager of Help-Aid Pharmacy for the last 12 years has not always fulfilled my deepest needs.  Maybe if you ever had a job like that, you'd understand, but really, it is...(searches for the right word)'s....stultifying!  That's another great word I learned from one of my books......stultifying.  One must avoid stultifying situations, but how could I?  I live in San Diego, and it's very expensive to live here, I mean I could always go home to my parents in Iowa, but it's so cold's stultifying, too!  So I remained on, because it's hard to find another job while you're still working - you don't want your manager to find out, because your manager might be a giant ass.....I mean, not literally, a ....stultifying way!


Certainly!  Then what happened is....(remembering).... I saw something online, some odd site with helpful writing from all over the actually made me think that I could be...(thinking) pro-active!  And not the pimple cream pro-active, but the type of person who doesn't wait for things to hit them in the head, the type of person who is able to do things to change your life!

The piece said that everything was...get this, it's a little deep!...everything, at any minute, was  (deep breath)  EXACTLY WHERE IT BELONGS!

I remember reading it and laughing, then I read more and it explained, that if you wanted things to be different, you had to do them yourself, not blame the way they were, because everything was  ,,,,just where it belonged.

The idea just....stuck in my head.  I could hear it ringing in there for the next few days.....and then, Mr. Keeley, he's the manager, had to go home sick, and he left me in charge of the deposit.....which he usually does when he's not there, but this was different.....I saw that, maybe, that eight thousand seven hundred sixty two dollars was not where it!

        (She opens her purse to show the money)

And now it's exactly.... where it belongs!

It was so EMPOWERING to have all that money right in my hands, and all mine!  I took it home and just looked at it for a few hours.  I didn't really intend to keep it for three days, but I figured, I was giving myself the empathy I deserved! I was energizing my spirit, and healing my life after all those years of drudgery!  I was putting everything where it belonged!

         (She hugs the purse, then shrugs)

And I guess you guys are going to take me where I belong.......

         (She stands and reluctantly puts down the purse, starts to leave, stops, looks back)

I hope they let me bring self-help books where I'm going! The next one I'm reading is...How Not to Sabotage Yourself with Self-Help Books....

          (She exits to a nice padded cell)


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