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Monologue Mania Day #624 Where It Belongs by Janet S. Tiger Oct. 28, 2015

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Monologue Mania Day #624 Where It Belongs by Janet S. Tiger  Oct. 28, 2015

          This is the same character from Days # 15, 41-53, 69, 84, 96, 105, 118, 156, 173, 175-8, 181-5, 269, 331, 361, 452, 506,542, 554, 555, 558 and today's 590.  Southern accent.

                                      Where it Belongs
                                           (for Book of Teas)
                                           by Janet S. Tiger 
                                     (c) 2015 all rights reserved 
             (Lights up on T, an older woman who is talking with her granddaughter who is very pregnant. and yes,  she still has that Southern accent)

So you don't know where you belong?  Where the baby will belong.....because of everythin that's in the past.  Well, I can tell you right now where the past belongs the past.

Start livin back in the past, yes, it's true the rent seems cheaper, but not really.  The reality is that baby is not gonna be growin up in 1965, but in 2010.....two generations.....and although there is still a lot of pain, and horror, thank God things are better now in so many ways.....

But I remember when I was just about your age, and my babies were little and my dear husband, your grandfather, was absolutely no help whatsoever, and I was moanin to my mother about how nothin was ever put back where it belongs....and she said somethin that helped changed the way I looked at the whole world.

         (She listens)

No, this is not the story where grandma recommended takin all of granpa's clothing that he didn't put away....puttin in on the front lawn, and burnin it......which to my credit, I did not do.....well, I didn't do the  burnin part, this is where grandma told me that.....listen close, it goes by fast.....right at this moment, everythin is just exactly....where it belongs.

(Laughs)  I laughed, too, and I asked her, 'how can you say that, Mama?  Nothin is where it belongs!  The kids' toys are all over, and nothin' is bein' taken care of properly, and I have help and when everythin looks nice, it only lasts for one minute and then the help goes home and it goes to holy hell in a handbasket!

And she looked at me and said 'when did you start usin language like that, T?  I didn't raise you to be a blasphemer! ' and we got into a bit of an argument until I was able to get her off sidetrack and back onto where it all belongs......

She said that this is how it works.  Right now, in this exact moment, everythin is exactly where it belongs......if it didn't belong there, it would be somewhere else.  So stop worryin' - and if you don't LIKE where it is now, then YOU move it.  Or get someone else to move your children, have them clean up their own toys.  Have your husband put his clothes in the wash.....and if at any one minute you think something is not where it belongs, then in the next minute, remember, you can change it.

And that includes the world, my lovely granddaughter......if you see somethin wrong, a child with no shoes, a child bein beat up because he's a different color, then in the next minute, or day, or year....of lifetime....fix it.  Change it.  But don't evah say it doesn't belong......because this baby comin to you from God, it belongs right here, right now.  

          (Blackout.  End of scene)

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