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Monologue Mania Day #600 Seeds of Doubt(grandmother) by Janet S. Tiger Oct. 4, 2015

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Monologue Mania Day #600 Seeds of Doubt(grandmother) by Janet S. Tiger  Oct. 4, 2015
              This is the grandmother of the brother and sister from Days # 598 and 599

                                         Seeds of Doubt (grandmother)                             
                                      (from a play of the same name)
                                        a monologue by Janet S. Tiger
                                           © all rights reserved                        

       (An older Asian woman enters, she is small, but with great power, although very tired.  She goes over to the Buddha and kneels to pray, lifting her hands to her forehead)

Do I speak to you in vietnamese?  Or in funny language.  This English is so hard on the mouth, it is like eating chili pepper with nothing to calm.

Mouth hurts.  Is it forty years now?  I think so.  Time goes fast in this land.  I remember when I was little, time is slow, the seasons move slow.

Until the war, then everything is fast.  We come here, life is fast.  Too fast I think.

(Sighs heavily)  I have to say prayer for my grandson.  He is with big problem.  I can see it, I know you see it, too.  Please help him.  I have not asked for much, since we come here to America, but leaving home, it makes life hard for children.

They have no home, my grandson born here, but still with one foot somewhere else.  Hard to stand straight and tall when feet like that.

They tell me someone burn down church, because they hate us.  Then our bakery burn.....maybe same people who hate.  But.....maybe not.  Maybe...another reason.  My eyes may be getting old, but I see with my heart......something is very me.....

       (She stands, walks slowly to leave, looks back, takes a coin and places it with the Buddha statue, looks around)

(Giggling)  Maybe take that, get some mint candy....good for big belly full of gas!  Sorry, not mean to make fun.....well, yes....I did!

       (She laughs, leaving slowly as lights dim on scene)

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