Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Monologue Mania Day #617 Musical Doctors by Janet S. Tiger Oct. 21, 2015

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Monologue Mania Day #617 by Janet S. Tiger  Oct. 21, 2015
                             Musical Doctors
                                        a monologue by Janet S. Tiger
                                           © all rights reserved

               (Person enters, sees there are chairs in a row, with spaces between, sits down in one of                the chairs, hears music, jumps up walks around, sits chair is taken                        away.  Music heard again, person not so happy, gets up scurrying, weaving in between                  the chairs, sits quickly.....another chair gone, now only three chairs.  Person looks                        around very angry, listens, music starts, person refuses to stand)

I am not leaving.  I will not give up my spot!  I have been waiting for weeks for this appointment with this specialist and I refuse to give up my spot just because someone else has an emergency!  Ask another patient!  I am not playing!  I want my moment with Dr. Fishkin!


What?  Of course my appointment is today.  Today is Tuesday, and the appointment is at 11am because my appointment on Wednesday is at 2pm with Dr. Dingle for my feet....and Dr. Whizzer my urologist is on Friday at 9 am, and and I am here 10 minutes early, and I did not want to play musical doctors!


The appointment is on ...Thursday? 11 I am here 48 hours and 10 minutes early....whose fault was that?   I have the card right here!

             (Takes out the appointment card and looks at it)

Thursday.....I guess I must it wrong........well, that's changes everything....I guess....I have to come back .......

             (Starts to exit, then stops, takes out the card  and squints at it, brightens)

I remember - today I'm supposed to be at the eye doctor!
            (Turns around and grabs a chair)

Just in case......

      (Drags the chair we hear an 'I'll be back'? as exits to another appointment)

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