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Monologue Mania Day #618 The Boat (for Seeds of Doubt) by Janet S. Tiger Oct. 22, 2015

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Monologue Mania Day #618 The Boat (for Seeds of Doubt) by Janet S. Tiger  Oct. 22, 2015
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Not sure where this will go, but probably in act 2.                               The Boat
                            (for Seeds of Doubt)
                                        a monologue by Janet S. Tiger
                                           © all rights reserved


           (Big Grandma is watching her daughter, claps hands together)

BG - Time for no more lies.  Time to tell her end of story on boat.  Can't wait until too much time, I be dead and no one else will know truth.

LY -  What story grandma?  What is she talking about?

           (Kim is quiet, then comes forward and waves her hand.  The outline of the boat slowly appears throughout the next)

KIM -  The lady who is beautiful on the ship.....the one who die, she is not a stranger to me....she best friend.

LY -  (Amazed)  You knew her?

KIM -  We were girls together in Saigon.  Become friends in school, grow up together, she work in bakery, we make cookies....we giggle like girls do..... our husbands were friends, too, we meet them during war......war horrible, but always exciting, never know what going to happen next.  Like living in fast movie, only....real.

But then Saigon fall, we get separated, she on one farm, we end up on another farm, but when we escape, we on same boat!  Miracle!  We gonna start life together in new country!  Great things!  Only good.....(she has to hold herself together)...then pirates.....never understand how American like pirate so much......

         (She turns away and Ly goes to her, puts a hand on her arm)

LY - I got it grandma, to lose a friend, a best's gotta hurt worse than a stranger dying.....

BG - Not end of story......go on!

KIM -  I lie when I say friend beautiful because she have no babies.....she did have baby.....on the boat, we talk about how our babies going to grow up America.......but .....boat not easy on babies......babies get sick......boat take babies away.....

        (She cries, but pulls herself together, turns to Ly)

KIM -  Take away my two babies......

LY -  (Can't believe it)  Oh, my God!

KIM -  Take away my best friend......but not her baby.....I keep her baby because my babies die......her baby...was your mother.....

          (Ly is stunned, pulls away, looks at BG and Kim)

LY -  (Horrified)  What are you telling me?  That my mother was.....

BG - She shoulda told you look like just like your grandma...beautiful just like her....

LY -  So we're....we're just.....what?  You're not my grandmother?  You're not my big grandma?

BG -  Course I am!  I always be!  Blood just red, love is all color, love you like my blood......always...
        (to Kim)  This is why lies bad!  Not good to wait to tell truth!  Truth is like cookies!  Bake too long, get too crispy, not good flavor - people don't like old truth......

LY -  Why didn't you tell me....(thinks)....did my mother know?

KIM -  She die before I could tell I guess she know now.....what the difference?

LY -  What's the difference?  What's the difference?  I mean....why didn't you tell?

KIM -  (Getting annoyed) Who we tell?  People in camp in Philippines?  Say your mother is orphan? Have her adopted by strangers?  I lose two of my babies was a girl so ....I have papers for baby girl.......your mother..... become that baby....much could I give up my friend baby to stranger?  You tell me!

LY -  Okay, I got that....but it many years?  Forty?  In forty years you couldn't tell...anyone?

KIM -  Your mother and father were killed when you were a baby, I thought there was a curse or something.....who I tell then?  Government?  Say, oh, this baby not my granddaughter?  Have them take you away, go to stranger?

LY -  (Very angry)  Maybe it would have better than all the lies!

         (BG slaps Ly and she jumps back)

BG - Never say that!  Your grandma bring you up, you know she love you!  I love you!

          (BG turns to Kim and slaps her)

BG -  And you, told you not to wait so long to tell truth!  One of you say too much, other say not enough......nobody perfect......just like all family!

         (She takes both hands and slaps herself)

BG -  Now everyone even, stop fighting!

         (In spite of herself, Ly laughs and Kim too, they huddle together laughing as lights dim.  There is a faraway sound of a fire engine as a red light is seen in the sky.  End of scene)


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