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Monologue Mania Day #610 Last Merger by Janet S. Tiger Oct. 14, 2015

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Monologue Mania Day #610 Last Merger by Janet S. Tiger  Oct. 14, 2015
                            The Last  Merger
                                   (possibly for Caregivers Anonymous)
                                        a monologue by Janet S. Tiger
                                           © all rights reserved
     (The man comes out dressed in a suit, very business.  He is looking at some brochures)

Mergers.  I have seen my share of mergers in my life.

When you are born into money, and they make sure you work to get whatever money you want, you end up on boards, and you see what happens when companies mate.



I watched my father put two companies together when I was just 11.  He let me come and watch.  It was worth more than all my college classes.

He sat and faced the man who ran the other company.  They were not friends, but they respect each other.  My father had the stronger position.....the other man needed funds or he was going Chap 13....maybe worse.

My father used that to get an amazing deal.....but he didn't squeeze the other guy dry, he left him some dignity, and they shook hands.

It made my father into a millionaire.....and on his way to being what they now call one of the one per cent.

I remember when the other gentleman left, my father went and took a big drink, and even offered me one, too.  My first whisky.

Do you mind?  I think I will have that drink now.....straight....

      (He reaches for the drink, takes a sip)

After the drink, my father went over to one of the bookcases in his office.....he then took out a book...Shakespeare.....and read me the famous lines from Julius Caeser.....(remembering)

.....There is a tide in the affairs of men.
Which, taken at the flood, leads on to fortune;

How did the rest go?.......(Thinking)....

Omitted, all the voyage of their life
Is bound in shallows and in miseries.
On such a full sea are we now afloat,
And we must take the current when it serves,

Or lose our ventures........

He took the tide, and so have I.....but....... the tide always turns.  And now....
now I am facing the final merger......for my parents.   Both have Alzheimers and we have to put them into a place that's safe.

Tried private care, 24/7.....  It's expensive.....and not as worth it.  For the people caring that is, the ones who have to watch.

My folks have had the same helpers for years.....and they can't watch what's happening, even if they were trained for it, which they aren't.  It's not I'm giving them their retirement, and going to merge my parents into a new place.

That's what they call it now....merging.

I have to help find the music they like, the photos, the items that will connect whatever is left of them so they can their new home.  And I see my future.....possibly....because we never can tell the future, we just hope to merge with the tide and it will lead us.....home......

       (He turns to leave, stops, looks back, lifts his glass)

To you Mom and Dad.....

        (He drains the glass and leaves, merging toward one end)
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