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Monologue Mania Day #619 Hospital Scene (for Seeds of Doubt) by Janet S. Tiger Oct. 23, 2015

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Monologue Mania Day #619 Hospital Scene (for Seeds of Doubt) by Janet S. Tiger  Oct. 23, 2015
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Not sure where this will go in the play, but probably in act 2.     
                            Hospital scene
                            (for Seeds of Doubt)
                                        a monologue by Janet S. Tiger
                                           © all rights reserved

        (Big Grandma is lying on a hospital bed, attached to tubes for breathing, eating, etc. Ly enters, very upset.)

LY -  BG!  Are you Ok?  They told me when you heard about the fire, you fainted!

BG -  Fell down, hit head.  Everybody worry for nothing.  In Vietnam people faint alla time. No big deal.

LY -  But the doctor said it was your heart!

BG -  What he worry about?  Not his problem. Medicare pay him no matter what.

LY - No jokes now, I'm worried about you!

BG - Should worry....(hard to say) .....I no want to live.....

LY -  But you'll be ok!  I want you to get well!  I love you!

BG -  I know.....but problem bigger...

LY -  What else could it be?

          (BG is quiet, Ly pats her hair)

LY - Please.....tell me....I'll do anything I can!  If you want, I can bring you your favorite slippers....or that stuff you chew....whatever you want!

BG -  Cannot bring me what I want.....burn in fire....

LY -  Everything can be fixed!  The insurance will pay!

BG -  Not everything....not....

LY -  What?  What?

BG -  No more elephant ear seed......

LY -  Elephant ear seed?  I thought you had some at the house!

BG -  Plant last ones, ready to take seeds put away for next crop, bad boys come and ride over with stupid bicycle and skateboard!  I run outside and chase away, but figure, plenty at bakery, get later, but then forget.....forget lot of things now.....

LY -  You don't forget anything!  You're so smart!  And I know we need the seeds to make the special flavor but we can order some....

BG -  Not really need seeds for flavor....make good story, but sometimes I forget seeds...... no one know.....

LY -  (Amazed)  You don't need the seeds?

BG - Never did....

LY -  But the flavor is...

BG -  People like taste, make up reason so others no good.....

LY -  (Smiling) So, it's another lie?

BG -  Not bad lie - some lies good, not hurt anyone, help business.

LY - (Figuring it out)  But....if you don't need the elephant seeds for the flavor, then why not just pretend you have them.....

BG -  That too big lie!  Need elephant seeds!

LY -  But here....

         (She holds up her phone and shows a page)

LY  - You can buy them online!

         (BG strains to look, throws hands in air)

BG -  Not from Vietnam!  They from bad place!

LY -  Croatia is not a bad place!

BG - Not Vietnam!

LY -  But.....

       (She looks at BG and realizes the argument is useless, then understands something)

LY -  That's not the real reason, is it?

BG - Of course not!  Real reason is......seeds not ones we bring with us.....seeds last thing connect us to home.....

LY -  But now.....your home is here.

BG -  No....home is

          (She touches her heart.  Blackout.)


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