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Monologue Mania Day #606 Finally by Janet S. Tiger Oct. 10, 2015

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Monologue Mania Day #606 Finally by Janet S. Tiger  Oct. 10, 2015

                                        a monologue by Janet S. Tiger
                                           © all rights reserved
          (The woman is older but looks spry for her years as she enters, smiling, carrying a large travelling bag and a shopping bag.  She puts down her things and sits.)

Oh, thank you my dear for watching my other bags for me!  I brought you something to show my appreciation......

         (Opens the bag and hands a package some food)

No trouble!  It's so nice to see a young person going around the country by bus.....I was always going to do that, but things always got in the way......when I graduated from high school, my father passed away, so my mother needed the money I had saved for my trip and I had to go back to work ....and just after I had finally saved enough again.....I met Errol, and we got married, and even though we had a small honeymoon, it's not the same......and I got pregnant on the honeymoon, and that was that.....

       (She sighs and takes out a snack and munches)

Once you have children, the years race by barely know where they went.......and it turns out Errol was not a traveling man, all he liked was business......when he retired, I finally got to know him turns out I hated him.  After all those years...who knew?  It was difficult, but the children were all grown, with families of their own......and I had decided to leave him, when.....luck would have it.....not my luck, of course, but he was diagnosed with that horrible disease from that baseball player....Lou Gehrig.

       (She takes another bite and sighs)

How could I leave a sick man?  What kind of horrible person was I?  So my life became that of a caregiver......not much different than raising children, but in reverse.  With children, you know when they fall down, they get up again, and in a few years....they run away.  With someone older, they fall down, but don't get up so fast.....and they never run away.  They leave......but it takes time......

We had a daily pattern enough to run a clock on - up in the morning, breakfast, a nap, lunch, another nap and then to the local cafe for outing for him and a break for me.

Joe's Diner......just like out of a movie.....we knew all the people there like family, and Joe......

       (She gets a bit starry-eyed when she recalls)

Joe was the owner......he and his wife took over the place from his father, Joe, Sr.  Very original people, but sweet.

Joe was retired, but would come in after the dinner hour to help close up, take home the money!  He was so funny, he knew all of the lines from old movies and he would act them out.....and he would give me a hug, and I would look forward to that hug more than anything else in my life!

        (She touches her face)

Am I blushing?  Amazing!  Same reaction!  Well, time marches on, or when you get older, it shuffles husband passed, Joe's wife died.....I would still go every night for my hug and to listen to him do W. C. Fields and Groucho Marx!  He had to sow some wild oats.....he dated a lot of his waitresses, but I hung in there.....because I knew what he  It's still true, the way to a man's heart is through his stomach!  Remember that my is wonderful, but the glow fades after awhile.....the truth is.....we all have to eat every day!

I waited until he was between waitresses, and I invited him over for dinner.......I knew his favorite, pork chops and gravy, and his eyes lit up when he tasted them!  He was mine!  We got married the next month, and then........ I found out.......he didn't want to travel either!

All he wanted to do!  I had to cook for him ALL THE TIME!  I was a slave!   At least before we were married, I could eat at his restaurant, but that finished when we got hitched, and when I say hitched, that's what it felt like!  Like I was hitched to a plow, only it was a kitchen plow!

And his Three Stooges impressions - funny once a day! - were driving me crazy when I had to listen to them ALL DAY!

I was going crazy - my own fault, of course, but no consolation.......and then.....

        (She perks up, remembering)

A friend took me to see some play about a woman whose husband drove her crazy, and the last straw was when he ruined one of her towels.....a small thing, but I could totally identify with her!  And she took a gun.....and shot him through the heart!

She escaped!  She may have been going to jail, but she escaped!  The solution was right there in front of me!

         (She leans over, listens, laughs)

Oh, no, dear!  I didn't shoot Joe!  But I am escaping....I left him a note and.....I'm finally going on a bus!

        (Listens, gathers her things)

And that is the call for my bus!  Perfect timing ......because it's the end of this chapter of my life.....
I wish you luck, my dear, and have a wonderful trip!

       (She turns to leave, stops, looks back)

Where am I going?  Well, isn't it obvious?  I'm going home to mother!

      (She waves and exits......for a great trip)

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