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Monologue Mania Day #599 Seeds of Doubt(brother) by Janet S. Tiger Oct. 3, 2015

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Monologue Mania Day #599 Seeds of Doubt(brother) by Janet S. Tiger  Oct. 3, 2015

                                         Seeds of Doubt (brother)                             
                                      (from a play of the same name)
                                        a monologue by Janet S. Tiger
                                           © all rights reserved                           
          (Chau, the brother of the sister in Day # 598, is standing outside, smoking a cigarette, he is clearly troubled, he looks up.)

I wish you were still here, Van, maybe you could help me now......I don't know what to do.  The fire was....scary.....and now my sister, she has too many questions.  I wish she would get married and leave this house.... ever since we were kids, she knows me too good.  Sometimes because we just a year apart, people think we're twins, but not really, except in heart.

One time, we were little....we were in a store, and I look around, don't see anyone.....

         (He goes around stage, as if back in the store)

..... she was always looking at the makeup and girl stuff.....and there was this toy.....a toy gun,

        (He points his finger like a toy pistol)

........and I wanted it, and we never had toys that were new, all old toys from the cousins.

I wanted that gun, it was so cool, you know, and I put it under my jacket, and I walked outta the store, and I was scared, and I was waiting for police to come get me, like on TV......and nobody comes, and grandma comes out with sister Ly, we go home, and the whole way, Ly is watching me......I could tell she knew.

When grandma go to make dinner, Ly come into my room.  She say nothing, but I know she knows, so I ask her how she knows.  You my brother she says, I just know.

Are you gonna tell grandma?  Or Mom?  She looks at me, really mad.  I'm not telling anyone!  And she left me alone....... she never told.

Every time I played with that gun, I felt guilty....

       (He runs across the stage, playing cops and robbers)

And she would look at me and she never knew I finally threw that toy gun away.

         (He takes out a real gun from his pocket and holds it very lovingly, turns to leave, stops, looks back.)

She thinks she knows, but she don't know everything.  I'm just afraid, that maybe, what she does gonna make trouble.  That's why, I wish you were here to help, Van, that you weren't dead....

         (He puts the gun back in his pocket and exits.  Blackout)

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