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Monologue Mania Day #605 Sandwich by Janet S. Tiger Oct. 9, 2015

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Monologue Mania Day #605 Sandwich by Janet S. Tiger  Oct. 9, 2015

      Other sections from Two Sisters on Days # 467, 468, 486-8,500, 501, 517

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         (Pam is wiping her hands on a towel, carefully drying them, while Lynn unloads some groceries)

PAM - So you finally managed to get here!  I have been OVERWHELMED!  Daddy was hungry, which I do not understand, because he is always eating.  I mean there is food everywhere in this place!

LYNN -  I'm so sorry you have had such a difficult day....

PAM - So I was forced to prepare a sandwich - one of the ones you left.  And it was EXTREMELY difficult to add the avocado & tomato to the half egg sandwich​ because the bread adhered to the contents due to the abundance of condiments.  Very untidy!  However, my heroic efforts prevailed & Daddy seemed to enjoy it along with a VERY generous serving of pretzel sticks -approximately 12- all right, exactly 12!.... and a glass of apple juice.  

I noticed that you had made another whole sandwich -  but I was too exhausted from wrangling the half-sandwich to deal with it and he seemed satisfied by the half-sandwich.  Next time maybe you could be tidier with the application of condiments, hmmm?

        (Lynn is trying - not too successfully- to stop laughing)

PAM -  I'm so glad to know that you are able to glean enjoyment from my sandwich sufferings.  Some people find it amusing to watch the struggles and travails of others....and clearly you are one of those heartless ones,   

But I love you anyway--perhaps because I am such a forgiving & selfless person.  Hopefully some of my positive influence will rub off on you eventually.

        (Lynn is laughing openly now)

PAM - You can laugh, but I will prevail!  Under my careful introduction of proper eating habits, Daddy will be happier and healthier.....didn't you say Dr. Redman told Daddy he had to lose weight?  Well, eating half a sandwich is the beginning of the battle!  And counting the pretzel sticks is part of this battle.....and having less food around will make losing weight even easier!  Why tempt him with food he likes?  Offer him healthy food - no more pastrami sandwiches!  Too much salt!  I will introduce him to the much healthier choices!  No more globs of mayo dripping off the sides of the bread.....

LYNN-  But Dad loves mayo!

PAM-  If he wanted to jump off a bridge, would you let him?

LYNN-  At 91, he can jump wherever he wants!  And he can eat whatever he wants - if he prefers more mayo, for God's sake, give him more mayo!  You have kids, you know that what people like, they like!  

          (Pam is staring at Lynn in horror)

PAM -  What they like?  Are you kidding me?  What possible difference can it make what people like?  It is completely irrelevant!  Now you may have relaxed any standards you ever had - with your children AND our father....but I plan to hold the line!  

LYNN -  (Amazed)  It does make some odd tell your kids what to eat, now you tell your father what to eat!  No wonder they call us the sandwich generation!

      (Pam turns to put the towel away, stops, looks back)

PAM  - And I have always hated that expression!

        (She exits while Lynn shakes her head.  Lights down)


Am not sure where this will fit in Two Sisters, but maybe in Act 2

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