Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Monologue Mania Day #609 To Do List by Janet S. Tiger Oct. 13, 2015

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Monologue Mania Day #609  To Do List by Janet S. Tiger  Oct. 13, 2015
                               To Do List
                                        a monologue by Janet S. Tiger
                                           © all rights reserved
       (Actor comes onstage with a clipboard, looking at watch, then at clipboard)

I can't believe it!  Is it possible?  I mean, can it be TRUE?

I think I may have.....finished my whole TO DO list!


       (Jumps up and down, then looks at clipboard)

Wait a minute, don't want to celebrate too quickly.....

      (Focuses on clipboard, page unwinds to the floor, starts checking off items)

Woke up, brushed teeth, took shower....
Meditated on this week's resolution - to tell the truth!

Ate breakfast

Went to gym

Took walk

Called mother
Did shopping for mother

Took neighbor to hairdresser

Picked up neighbor from hairdresser
Told neighbor hair looked great

Well, I guess it's ok to lie once in awhile.....

Called tax person

Started to prepare for taxes  ....early!

(going faster)

Called friend whose husband is in hospital...
Made appointment to go to hospital to see him.....ooh, that's tomorrow, but I can check off that I called today!

Picked up shoes at repair shop

Made appointment at doctor about strange pimple on foot...

           (Faster and faster, until it's a blur)

Answered emails
Checked Facebook page
Played 5 games of Words with Friends
Did 112 loads of wash....

     (stops, looks)

That can't be right.....ooh, that's two loads of wash
Folded wash
Put away....
Had lunch
Did dishes
Had dinner
did dishes
put away dishes
prepared food for tomorrow for picnic lunch with friends about to retire  and....(sighs loudly)
last but not least....
made new to do list!

I really did it!

         (Starts dancing around, turns to leave, drops clipboard, picks it up and looks at the other side of the paper in dismay)

I knew it, I knew I forgot something.......

(Reads slowly) One last thing....... Make world peace.....

(Sighs)   I guess that goes to the top of tomorrow's list!

         (She writes as she leaves....maybe tomorrow she'll get everything done)

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