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Monologue Mania Day # 1325 Old Leaves by Janet S. Tiger (c) Sept. 30, 2017

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Monologue Mania Day # 1325 Old Leaves by Janet S. Tiger (c) Sept. 30, 2017    
                              Old Leaves
          (The woman has plant clippers, is wearing a hat for the sun)

Now this is very important!  You must remove all the old leaves, the brown leaves, the ones that have started to turn!  This is IMPERATIVE!    Now, get going, chop, chop!..... the wedding is this afternoon, and the reception will be HERE in this very garden, which will be a perfect setting because it will not have ONE old leaf in it - because of you gentlemen!

           (Turns to the audience, smiles)

My aunt taught me about old leaves.  She told me that when a leaf is ready to die, it takes energy for the plant to get rid of it, energy that takes away from growing.  So if you get rid of the old leaves, it makes way for the new ones.  and an extra bonus, it looks nice!  Your plant is happy, and it looks prettier. (Darker)  And of course, if the leaf is diseased, if it could hurt the plant, of course it must be removed!

So I learned to get rid of all these old leaves.  Now my daughter is getting married, well, she's my husband's daughter from a first marriage, but I raised her, she's mine!  And she deserves a perfect day!

      (She gestures to the workers)

You there!  I see you!  You're leaving behind the ones with yellow edges!  Get rid of them or you're not getting paid!

       (Turns to survey the results, throws back her head in joy.  She now removes her hat, puts down the cutting tool and sighs, faces the audience)

You do the best you can.  There was not one dead leaf, not one yellow edge in the whole yard!  Perfection!  (Takes a deep breath)  Followed by two years of blissful marriage and a beautiful grandchild.  Who could know the groom would take up with my daughter's best friend, who also happened to be....her cousin.   Who would know that there would be a very ugly divorce, accusations of abuse, abuse, more accusations, and the whole family ripped apart, taking sides.....a bitter court custody case....more trouble, until the groom, my son-in-law.... disappeared one night.....never to return.  

(Listens)  That tree?  Yes that is the newest- you remembered!.  Beautiful, isn't it?  No dead leaves, no old leaves....perfect.  Why a new tree now?  To celebrate the removal of some old leaves.  Yes, it has grown very fast, you are very its roots, a very good manure.......

           (She turns to leave, stops, looks back)

What happened to the groom?  My son-in-law?  You know that....I'm not interested in old leaves......

           (She exits to a world of perfect.  Lights down, end of scene)


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