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Monologue Mania Day # 1310 The Covenant by Janet S. Tiger (c) Sept. 15, 2017

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Monologue Mania Day # 1310 The Covenant by Janet S. Tiger (c) Sept. 15, 2017 

For all the immigrants.....

                                The Covenant
                                                     by Janet S. Tiger
                                               (c)  2014 all rights reserved

              (A middle-aged woman comes onstage, she has a nice, conservative purse, and a pad and pencil, from a different age, she is definitely 1940s,  Her English is good, but there is a hint of an accent.)

Hello, Mrs........

            (She checks the papers on the pad.)

Yes, 4258.....thank you.  No, I'm not from the census, just doing something the way my mother taught me.  When you have a big, important job, do it one step at a time, and do each step well.  That was very good advice, I believe.

My family came to this country when I was only ten years old, you can probably hear a touch of China from those was long ago, but I suppose where you are born is like where a tree starts to grow.  You can transplant the tree, but always, some of the original soil stays on the roots.

         (She listens)

No, I am not here to sell anything.  In fact, I do not like when people come to my door selling things.  I prefer to buy in a store, where I can go back for more if I like the item, or return it if it is not what I wanted.


So we agree!  That is good, because. you see, if we were neighbors, that is good to have what you call it.....common ground together.

           (Listens, sad)

I know about the covenant here in this neighborhood, and I understand, too.  But we are a good family, my sons are all good boys, never in trouble with the police, good students, my oldest is now a teacher, and the next will graduate as a lawyer.  The two youngest still go to college, one studying to be a doctor, and the other is in business school to help with family business.


Yes, that is our company!  I'm glad you know about it.  I will be glad to get you a special price on your dry cleaning!

           (Listens, no longer smiling)

No, I am not trying to get new customers......I am here for another reason.....

          (Holds up the papers)

You are the last family I need to get approval from, and I am hoping that you will help us, because we love the house there next to the corner, and it will be a good house for us, I know.  We will be good neighbors, and we will work hard to keep our home in pretty shape so as not to bring shame to the neighborhood.

I have walked and met every neighbor in this covenant.....120 families, and all of them - so far- have agreed not to protest our purchase of the house.  It is the only way we can be allowed to buy the house, and you are the last family.

We are not rich people, we have worked hard in this country for every penny, and we are looking forward to living here in this community for a very long time......(getting more insistent)...we will be good neighbors, I promise you that, and we will work hard.....(deep breath)  I cannot change the fact that we are a Chinese family.  God was the one who made that decision, before I was born, many, many centuries ago.

We had no control over who we are, or how we are born.....just as you do not!  But we do have a choice of how to live our lives, everyone has that choice, and you now have a choice - will you stay in the past, in the years of the covenant?  Or will you become part of the future?  My son fought in Europe .......


(Getting more forceful)  Maybe even in the same battles as your sons!  And they fought to change the world!  (Gets even louder)  Now we have the chance to fight to change our world, perhaps not with bullets and guns, but with something as simple as allowing my family to live.....where we would like to live.  In safety.  In a place with big trees, and wide streets.... and neighbors who smile at us.

             (Takes a deep breath, she is almost in tears.  She takes a handkerchief from her purse.)

Thank you!  You have no idea what this means to me, to my family!  You are the last family on the list - no one will protest, and with some luck, after escrow, we can move in within a couple of months!  Oh, thank you! 

           (She turns, looks back)

I look forward to being your neighbor.....

           (She exits.  The end of covenants started with women like this.  Inspired by a story in the San Diego Union-Tribune about covenants)

Originally posted- Day #134    The Covenant (c) June 26, 2014   

More about covenants in San Diego - click here 
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and prohibiting Jewish people in La Jolla - click here
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