Monday, September 18, 2017

Monologue Mania Day # 1313 The Crying Part by Janet S. Tiger (c) Sept. 18, 2017

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Monologue Mania Day # 1313 The Crying Part by Janet S. Tiger (c) Sept. 18, 2017 

For those who noted this is Day # 1313 and have an interest in the idea of lucky days, I did a monologue on Day # 639  called  Lucky Day

                                  The Crying Part

                              by Janet S. Tiger  (c) 2017 all rights reserved     

        (Woman in her seventies enters, sits and stares for a moment)
Okay, doc, what do you wanna talk about?

Whatever I want?  Okay, here's a question for ya.

Are tears wasted?

I want to cry, but do not wanna waste my tears.  Hate waste.  My mother was a Depression baby, taught me well. Save everything that can be used, if it can't be used, I throw it out.  

That's why I never liked cryin' ......thought it was a waste of time.  Eyes get puffy, nose gets red, then you can't breathe through the nose, and great gobs of sinus crap drip out.

         (Stops for a minute, takes a deep breath)

And yet, my gone.  Not dead.  Not yet.  How long?  Who knows?  She's in good shape for her age, all except her mind.

Used to be, I could call and we'd talk a bit, and she'd be able to follow the conversation, then she'd veer off into who knows where, the monkeys were coming for her, from the Wizard of Oz I think, and she had to get her magic slippers, now where had she put them?

I could sign off then, say goodbye.  Think that maybe tomorrow, she'd be better......a nice dream.

         (Sighs, takes out box of tissues)

Now when I call, the monkeys are having tea with her, and at the tea party, is her mom who's been dead 40 years.  But they have a good time of it.  That's nice.

Maybe I wouldn't mind so much, if ...if I hadn't depended on her for so long.  We grew up together....she lived acrosst the street, and we went to school, and we went on dates together, and got mad at the people we dated and then, the boys we married! and always, we could talk and laugh! About anything mostly.  Does it matter what friends talk about?

Every day, over the fence.  Even though we lived on different streets after we got married, but still, coffee in the morning.  Always.  With the kids when they came, then after the kids grew up.  And now the kids take care of her.....they got her some good help so she don't wander away.  Or leave the stove on, when the coffee's gone.

She was a good friend, always there for me.

Always.  (Deep breath)  I don't like to think that's over.  You see, in life, everyone thinks it's the big things that matter the most, but it ain't really.  Those big events, like graduation, and marriage and birth and.... death..... those are one day events.  The rest of the time, that's what matters.  The every day stuff.  Knowing that you have a friend who's gonna listen, and you'll listen to her.  And the days go by, a lot of them, and the big days are like asteroids hitting, but the other days, those are the ones that make up our lives......

       (She takes a tissue and blows her nose loudly)

I guess you're gonna tell me to be grateful for what we had, and just love her....but.... I do that.  I just don't like ..... the crying part......

         (Lights down, end of scene)
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