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Monologue Mania Day # 1309 Well Planned (more) by Janet S. Tiger (c) Sept. 14, 2017

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Monologue Mania Day # 1309 Well Planned (more) by Janet S. Tiger (c) Sept. 14, 2017 
                                   Well Planned

                                         A monologue by Janet S. Tiger   © all rights reserved                                                                                                              

            (The older man who comes onstage is wearing the coat of a doctor.  He holds something in his hand)

One day, when I was just five years old, the doctor came to our house....that'll tell you how old I am!  He came because my sister had something in her eye, and my mother was afraid to move her.  So the doctor took the chip of wood out, and afterwards, he saw me looking.  I asked him, 'Doctor Benton, if we have two eyes, why do we only see one picture?'

And he thought for a moment and said......'But how many brains do you have?'  And those words changed my life!

          (He now opens his hand and shows what he has been holding.)

See this?  I mean, do you really SEE this?

            (He holds the item to his eye)

It's an eye.  I am looking at an eye.  Not a real one, but one that they make in a factory, and it is pretty damn realistic.

When I was a med student....oh, about a million years ago, they had wooden eyes, painted to approximate what an eye looked like. I can go onto a computer and look into the eye, at the most incredible part of the human body!  And I can see into the brain!

If you give me two minutes, I can prove there is a God!  You see, this amazing eye that we have, it was created with a tiny opening that has no nerves, nothing that can be damaged....knowing that one day, today, we would be able to put tiny tools through this opening into the eye, and fix the problems that the eye can develop - detached retinas, hemorrhages, relieving pressure- trouble that can make us blind, unable to see!

This is something that does not happen by chance! 

And now, today, I just learned that a doctor, his name is Dr. Garth Webb, has a company, and they have invented....(sighs heavily)....a bionic eye!  Better than the the bionic man, because this is real!  And with this lens, a person could read better than 20/20, better than 20/10, all the way to 20/0  you heard it.... zero!  From 20 feet, you could read a book, as if a person with ordinary could read directly in front of their face!  Amazing.  Of course, from 20 feet, who would turn the pages, but let's not get into details, the future is almost here!  It is amazing!

         (Takes a deep breath, looks at the eye again, studying it)

I have spent my entire life studying, and repairing this amazing creation.....and that I have the knowledge to help tell me that, after all these years.....I am losing my vision.

        (He laughs and throws the eye into the crowd)

Amazing!  Macular degeneration!  I know all about it, and yet....I can do nothing.

         (He turns to go, stops, looks back)

I guess....I just didn't see this coming.....

          (He laughs as he exits.  The end of sight.....but hopefully not of vision)

For those who started reading after year one of this blog, this was posted almost 3 years ago - when I thought I was only going to write one a day for one year.  I chose this to post again - slightly rewritten to include the new invention in the world of eyes - for the full video, please click here

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