Saturday, June 17, 2017

Monologue Mania Day # 1220 It's Good to Hear Your Voice by Janet S. Tiger (c) June 17, 2017

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Monologue Mania Day # 1220 It's Good to Hear Your Voice by Janet S. Tiger (c) June 17, 2017    

                                            It's Good to Hear Your Voice 
                                        (not)  a monologue by Janet S. Tiger 
                                                     (c) all rights reserved (c) 2017

         (This has two actors, both in their 70s.  Laura is sitting, reading, when Amy enters.)

AMY -  Laura?  It's me, Amy.

         (Laura  puts down the book and looks at Amy, not recognizing her)

LAURA -  Hello.  Are you the new nurse?

AMY -  It's Amy, and I have a new idea for this week.......

LAURA -  Is it lunchtime?  I think I'm hungry.

AMY -  I believe lunch is over for today.  We speak every day, Laura, and on the phone, you seem to remember my that's why I brought you this....

          (She hands Laura a phone, Laura looks at it, shakes her head)

LAURA -  I can't use one of these, they call it a smart phone, but I'm not so smart anymore....

AMY -  That's OK, if you hold it and turn this way.....

            (She puts the phone to Laura's ear, and turns her away from Amy, as they speak, Amy stays away from Laura's field of vision)

AMY-  Ring, ring

LAURA -  Hello?

AMY -  Hi, Laura, it's me, Amy....

LAURA -  Hi, Amy, good to hear your voice!

AMY -  Good to hear your voice, how are you today?

LAURA -  Not too bad, I'm reading a good book.

AMY  - Do you remember the name?

LAURA - Rebecca  - I think I might have read it before, but it doesn't matter, I don't remember the end.  Actually, I don't remember most of it.  Did you ever read it?

AMY -  Yes, I did.  It's good.

LAURA -  How are you doing?  How're the kids?

AMY -  Jesse's fine and the new grand baby's getting through the night...

LAURA -  That's a blessing!  My kids are around here somewhere.....but now that they're teenagers, I just worry about them coming home at night!

AMY -  (Sighs)  That can be a problem.....

LAURA -  Hey, I got a letter the other day, from that girl we knew back in 6th grade, you know the bully?

AMY -  Geraldine?

LAURA -  That was it!  Oh, was she mean!

AMY -  Remember how she used to torment you?

LAURA -  You had to go home early, and she would wait until you left, and then she would get her friends and they would surround me..... and they would stamp their feet and sometimes even pull my hair!  And then one day....

AMY -  You couldn't take it any more.....

LAURA -  And I started punching her, hard!

AMY -  Right in the stomach...

LAURA -  Right in the stomach!  And she just fell over and the other girls got scared and called for a teacher, and Geraldine had to go to the hospital!  It was one of the best days of my life!

AMY -  And then....

LAURA -  Then she wanted to be friends!  And you didn't want to be friends, but after awhile, you saw she wasn't so bad, and we stayed friends until now.....except, she doesn't call me anymore, like you call, every day.....

AMY -  She doesn't call because she died three years ago, Laura....a massive heart attack on her 75th birthday.  What a present!

LAURA -  Oh, I forgot that part.  I like to forget the unpleasant things....

AMY -  That's the best way.....

       (Laura suddenly turns to see Amy and is surprised)

LAURA -  Oops, I can't talk anymore, there's someone here.  Someone is always coming in to check on me, it drives me crazy!  We can talk more tomorrow, bye!

        (Laura looks at the phone, puts it down, looks at Amy)

LAURA -  Who are you?  Is it time for lunch?

AMY -  Lunch is over, but I thought maybe you'd like to take a walk.

LAURA -  That sounds like a good idea.

       (Amy takes Laura's elbow and they head out)

LAURA -  Are you new here?

AMY -  Yes, I am.  Every time......

LAURA -  You'll like it, the people are nice, and the food is very good.  It's almost time for lunch you know....

AMY -  What would you like?

LAURA -  A new book, I think I've read this one before......

       (Laura turns to exit, but Amy runs back to get the phone)

LAURA -  Oh, don't forget that!  My friend will be calling any minute now.  She calls me every day, we went to school together, her name is.....what is her name?

AMY -  Amy, her name is Amy.

LAURA -  You're right!  How did you know?

AMY  -  Because my name is Amy.

LAURA -  What a coincidence!

         (Blackout.  The end.)
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1 comment:

Miriam said...

I found this one very poignant. Perhaps because I'm in my seventies. My friends and I often talk about noticing a decline in memory, particularly short term memory. We worry about dementia. There was something very sweet about the interaction between Amy and Laura. Actually made me feel like going back to acting. Happily, that only last for a couple of minutes. ����
Lovely monologue, Janet. Thank you.