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Monologue Mania Day # 1208 Winner! (for Caregivers Anonymous) by Janet S. Tiger (c) June 5, 2017

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Monologue Mania Day # 1208 Winner! (for Caregivers Anonymous) by Janet S. Tiger (c) June 5, 2017  

 From an episode of the show a few months later

                                               (for Caregivers Anonymous)
                                                   by Janet S. Tiger 
                                                (c) all rights reserved (c) 2017

    (Jeannie stands and raises a Monopoly game board over her head)

JEANNIE -  I think it's time for a game of our own brand of Monopoly -  Monopoly of Pain!

       (The crowd oohs and aahs!

VALERIE -  What kind of a game is this supposed to be?

JEANNIE -  Oh, you'll love it!  Especially because we have a few more people tonight.....George maybe you explain....

GEORGE -  Well, the goal of our monopoly is simple.....the person with the most houses of pain wins, and if someone gets four houses, they get a hotel!  Now, tonight, I don't think I'm gonna win, because I got just one house.....but there were days....

       (Ann touches his shoulder)

ANN - I remember......

GEORGE -  Now, my girl  Lena, I miss her, but I have help round the clock, so I even get to play some golf now, go visit the grandkids.....everyone is healthy today, thank you Jesus.....

ANN -  Amen!

GEORGE -  But you got two houses, now, Ann, don't you?

ANN -  Mama passed, but her sister is still  kicking, so it's not so bad, just one....

KYLE -  I got great grandpa.....and me......

        (The others laugh at him)

KYLE -  Wait a minute!  I am 18 and I never had a girlfriend yet....I mean, not  a real one, ya know!
 All of you have, and been married, and had a, don't I get a house for that?

JEANNIE -  I think he does!  And even one more......what about your mother?

KYLE -  Well, she's ok, but yeah, I worry about her.  She works too much and she does get awful skinny sometimes when she doesn't eat, yeah, three for me!  Yeah!

ANN -  What about you, Valerie?  You have plenty on your plate....or your board!

VALERIE -  It doesn't seem like this is a game I want to win!

        (The others laugh at this and a woman stands who has not been seen before, the others all point and clap for her)

GEORGE -  Now, this woman, she has won this game a lot!

ANN -  Oh, Ruth, how are you?

RUTH -  Well, first, I got two parents to care for.....and both have memory loss.....and they live across town.....

          (Nods to George)

RUTH -  And I have no help...

GEORGE -  Two houses right to start!

RUTH -  And you honey....

         (She goes over to Valerie)

RUTH -  Your husband is in a wheelchair, but does he smoke?  With COPD? That's what my baby does!  and a few months ago, he almost burned down OUR  house!  So......does that count extra?  

JEANNIE -  You didn't mention your son with mental we're up to four for you....Ruth

GEORGE -  That's a hotel right there!

RUTH -  Just the foundation!  But wait, there's more.....

         (She is quiet, and the others stop laughing)

RUTH -  Two weeks ago, my son in Colorado.........(takes a deep breath)  commits suicide.....smashes his brand new Corvette into a brick wall......not wearing a seat belt either.....

           (The others give condolences, she waves them away)

RUTH -  Wait for the rest!.....I said he commits suicide, yes, he's dead, and then, a brand new EMT sees a faint pulse in the carotid, and they work on him for an hour......and he's......kind of a coma.....medically induced,,,,,and his  liver is destroyed, and he needs a new one, but me and my sick husband cannot donate parts of ours, too sick!  So he is on the list....but........because he tried to commit suicide, they may not give him the liver.......until he wakes up and says the whole thing was a stunt gone wrong......he meant to jump out in time......that's why he wasn't wearing the seat belt.....and there was no suicide note (sighs)  at least that's what the attorney said to - no wake up, no chance for liver, no liver, no wake up.......and when he wakes up, is there brain damage?

          (Turns to Valerie)

RUTH -  At least can your husband speak?  That's a plus sometimes........So, where do I stand....

JEANNIE -  Looks like not one, but two we have....


        (She takes a bow.  Valerie is stunned)

VALERIE -  I thought you guys were crazy before, but what THE HELL kind of winning is that supposed to be?

RUTH -  This is the only place I can tell my tale of woe and win something!  And that's good for everything, honey!  

          (She turns to go back to her seat, stops, looks back)

RUTH - Especially because....I have the suicide note he wrote.......


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