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Monologue Mania Day # 1671 Plans (for Celebrity) by Janet S. Tiger (c) Sept. 13, 2018

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Monologue Mania Day # 1671 Plans by Janet S. Tiger (c) Sept. 13,  2018

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                                                 by Janet S. Tiger
                            (c) all rights reserved  2018

            (We see a wall with a board covered in diagrams with names and possible outcomes.  Marci is looking at it, her boyfriend Justin is sitting with a drink, and Monte is explaining the last elements)

MONTE -  So it all comes down to the last part here - weth two options - you marry him, and get pregnant or you live with him, get pregnant and then marry him.

MARCI -  Either way, a big wedding.

MONTE -  Big?  We're talking HUGE!  Multi-million DOLLAR!  EXCLUSIVES!

           (Marci and Monte lift imaginary glasses to a toast.  Justin watches, amused, but irritated)

JUSTIN -  What if there is no marriage?  I mean not everyone gets married, right?

MONTE -  Wrong.  In Hollywood everyone gets married, if they want to get a big cover on People, that is.

JUSTIN -  Everyone?  What about that couple, you know, Goldie...

MONTE -  Hawn and Russell?  They're the exception that proves the rule!  It's not just a wedding you idiot, it's the whole story of it!  The intricacies of the whole affair!  Background of both of your lives, who you were with before!  Complete with lotsa adorable pictures. How you met, all the obstacles,  what about the family - do they like her, is he afraid of meeting the father?

MARCI -  (A little upset)  Family?  How exactly do we handle that?

MONTE -  This is Hollywood - we have actors for everything!  And then there's all the wedding plans - the dress, the location, the secrecy.....

JUSTIN -  Which everyone knows about....

MONTE -  Of course, carefully leaked.....and then there's you my friend, the old boyfriend.....gumming up the works - you're good for at least a dozen good stories!

JUSTIN -  (Turning to Marci)  So that's what I'm good for, right, some front pages?

MONTE -  If you're lucky!  Do you get this?  This is the future!  This is what we're planning and if you want to reap the benefits, as in a lot of money, then you will get on board......the gravy train!

             (Monte and Marci continue to work on the possible permutations as Justin watches, they do not notice him get up and start to leave.  He looks back and shakes his head)

JUSTIN -  Somehow, I keep hearing my Daddy on the pulpit.....something about reaping the wind, and sowing the whirlwind......

              (He exits as they continue.  End of scene)
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