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Monologue Mania Day # 1670 Not Again (for Celebrity) by Janet S. Tiger (c) Sept. 12, 2018

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Monologue Mania Day # 1670 Not Again by Janet S. Tiger (c) Sept. 12,  2018

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Warning, strong language

                               Not Again

                                                 by Janet S. Tiger
                            (c) all rights reserved  2018
(This is the beautiful young woman Monte is grooming to be a new star.  And she is boiling mad, and her Southern accent is strong)

No, not again!  I am through for tonight!  And you know what you can do?  Shut the fuck up!  I don't like using language like that - but it's your language, so it's probably the only thing you understand!

And as for what we're doing, who do you think you are?  What the hell do you think we're doing here?  It ain't brain surgery!  You ain't no head of the residents!  Nobody dies if I say somethin' wrong!  This is rehearsal!  And when I go out in public to do these stupid interviews, you may be there with me behind the scenes, but it is my face, my ASS- on those screens!  So you can just go fuck yourself because I am goin' to bed so when they do talk to me, I will be rested!  I will be ready for their shit, because I ain't puttin' up with yours anymore!

          (She grabs her purse and goes to leave.  Monte is watching, and laughs,so she stops)

MONTE- That was good, you held the accent through the whole thing.  That's very important.

MARCI - (Grudging but appreciative) - Thank you.

MONTE -  But if you are storming out of a room, have your purse with you - it makes a better exit.

MARCI -  Is everythin' you do planned?  I mean even your arguments?

MONTE -  This is the business we're in - everything is planned- if you remember that, you have a chance, my dear, a very small chance of success.  Now, if you put down the purse, we can do this a few more times - using some of that energy you just showed.

           (She takes a deep breath and considers his suggestion.  Then slowly, she puts down the purse)

MONTE -  Smart girl.  Now.....(smoothly, almost like the devil).....again.

            (She notes the new tone of respect in his voice and shakes her head, then becomes the interviewee)

MARCI -  (Very sincere)  Thank you for that lovely introduction.......

             (End of scene)
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