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Monologue Mania Day # 1687 M - tea (for Book of Teas) by Janet S. Tiger (c) Sept. 29, 2018

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Monologue Mania Day # 1687 M - tea (for Book of Teas) by Janet S. Tiger (c) Sept. 29, 2018

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 (This smaller section will go at the end of the monologue below- Par- tea)                     

                                     M - tea
                      a monologue  by Janet S. Tiger (c)  2018
               all rights reserved

      (T stops, then turns back, she will still have has Southern accent)

(Thinking)  You know, I just realized this moment is like another kind of tea - the the kind you have at the end of the party when there is nothin left in your cup.......please forgive me, but I think that is called......M- you get it? M - tea.  All gone!  

             (She laughs at her own joke as the lights dim - really the end of scene)


This below was first posted  Day # 1634 Par - tea ( -expanded- for Book of Teas) (c) Aug. 7, 2018

                                     Par -tea
                      a monologue  by Janet S. Tiger (c)  2018
               all rights reserved

      (The party is heard in the distance, and T walks out with her cane slowly onto the porch.  She listens for a moment, then closes the door behind her so the sounds are more muted and yes, she still has that Southern accent)

Party.  What a wonderful sound a party has......almost like a symphony.  Or an overture to a starts the musicians warm up......and there are no guests yet, just you and family and friends and helpers gettin all the party things together.

The too much food, and too many drinks to prepare.  The decorations.  Almost as important as the food, but not quite.  The wind section......the strings.....then the guests start to arrive....and the percussion chimes in.....conversations begin, and the food is fresh, because no has taken those first bites.

The ones in the kitchen do not count of course......the children who sneak the lick of icing off the cake, and steal the pieces of meat from the cuttin board.  The dogs who somehow always manage to get underfoot and grab what falls below.

As I age not so gracefully, it somehow seems as if all the parties are meldin together....cannot recall my earliest because I was first remembered parties are as a little girl with the excitement of guests and eatin and more guests and more eatin......, then the ones of growin up, with young men, and all that brings.....followed by of course the biggest party - the weddin, and the the baby christenings and the assorted childrens gatherings, so different from the other side of the party - the makin rather than the takin......

And then, after the party, the goin over all the events, in detail, with the views of everyone talkin.....what did everyone eat?  who showed up? ....who met who, who likes who, what did they say?  What did they do?  The permutations are infinite!  Then the comparisons with other parties......and the parties become like markers in you remember the party where Uncle Nat got drunk and went to the swimmin hole with no clothes?  ....and the get together when Jen and her boyfriend went off and came back engaged- right in the middle of the whole shebang.? ...the food that was made by lovin hands, the memories of the day forever seared into your brain ... just like the juices from a great steak!....(laughs) .. even though you can't recall what you ate for lunch last week!......

        (She looks around, seeing the other parties)

.......until, we age.....and the main issue of the party is will you get to the bathroom in time before you embarrass yourself.....or others......until......we don't care anymore....and we are sat near the bathroom just in case.....of a horrific accident that gives everyone somethin to talk about for many other parties.......

Funny how there can be such happy and such sad all in the same few hours......

So the parties continue.....Until we come full party, asleep again I will be...

         (Sighs.  Stands with difficulty)

But .I do  hope there will be a lot of food.......

        (She laughs as she exits, picturing the event.  Lights dim.  End of scene)


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