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Monologue Mania Day # 1659 Just a Job (for Osculation) by Janet S. Tiger (c) Sept. 1, 2018

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Monologue Mania Day # 1659  Just a Job (for Osculation)  by Janet S. Tiger (c) Sept. 1,  2018   

Osculation was just named a winner in the 2018 Script Tease of New One-acts - Honorable Mention, and will be given a reading on Sept. 21 more details soon.

This post is for when I expand Osculation further - this scene is near the end.
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                             Just a Job   

                                           by Janet S. Tiger
                        (c) all rights reserved  2018

          (Ariana and Isaac are talking after the Decathalon)

ISAAC -  So, how did we win?  I mean....

ARIANA -  Maybe you were a good teacher?

ISAAC -  If there was no cheating....

ARIANA -  Take a look at this...

          (She goes over to the board and writes out an equation.  Isaac looks and shakes his head)

ISAAC -  I didn't teach you that...

ARIANA -  No, you didn't... And you didn't teach this....

            (She does another equation, physics)

ARIANA -  Now, write 14 numbers on your phone....random...

             (He does, and she looks at them, then looks away)

ARIANA -  8-5-3-9-1-4-4-2-1-6-4-4-3-9-  and if you take the  middle and the last and multiply them you have an even number...

ISAAC -  So you're...good at math.....and history, and English...probably some other languages, too....

ARIANA -  For the record, I speak four languages....fluently....

ISAAC -  So, all the practice, that was....for show?

ARIANA - Not for show, for the would have on those Carson....

ISAAC -  And the rest, that was for effect, too?

ARIANA -  Some things you don't have to pretend.....

            (She goes and kisses him, he resists at first, then gets into it until he pulls away suddenly)

ISAAC -  This was real?

ARIANA -  Whaddaya you think?

             (She kisses him, then she pulls away)

ARIANA -  There are a few reporters out there, they probably want pictures after they talk to I have to go...

ISAAC -  So no photos?

ARIANA -  Not in my line of work!

ISAAC -  But, I'll see you tonight?  We can celebrate?

ARIANA -  No, Isaac, I'm leaving this afternoon......the cover is that my Dad got sick and my Mom needs me to help out so I'm moving now.....

ISAAC -  But.... what about us?

ARIANA -  Oh, don't you get it?  The job is over, I have to go.....(as Humphrey Bogart)  we'll always have Paris......Hilton that is....

ISAAC -  Is that supposed to make me feel better?  That the'job' is over?

ARIANA -  This is the way it works.....sorry......

ISAAC -  Just a job, right?

ARIANA -  I shouldn't have told you all of this.....

ISAAC -  Then why did you?

ARIANA -  To make it easier for you wouldn't think none of this mattered.....

ISAAC -  Did it matter?

           (She looks at him and he turns)

ISAAC -  Aren't you afraid I'll tell someone....

ARIANA -  Not at all......I have a lot of faith in my own ability to judge people.....

ISAAC -  (Bitter)  Judge not that ye shall be the judge.....or something like that.....A're gonna give up a lotta things for this job.....

ARIANA - day, when we're all old...I mean, I hope I get old!...One day, and that day comes to everybody sooner or later, when you realize, you're not gonna be President, and you're not gonna fly to the moon, or write the great American novel....I want to look back and maybe....just maybe able to say, that something I did, made a difference in the world.  And maybe only a few people knew, but I'll know.  And maybe you can't understand that, but.....that's the way, I want to live my life.....

ISAAC -  And the rest of this.....

            (She goes to the board and draws a heart with an equals sign next to it and she now adds the image for osculation, then goes to Isaac and imitates the image with him, just kissing, not touching elsewhere.)

ARIANA -  One point...intersecting at one point only.....  One thing, Isaac, when you speak of this                   one day, and
you will, maybe in guarded terms, but you will, so please know .... I may have a lot of knowledge about things you don't, but.....I did like learning from you......and of all the things you thought you taught favorite was.....can you guess?

          (She walks over quickly and kisses him, then pulls away just as quickly)

ARIANA -  Osculation!

(She leaves as he watches her go.  Then he puts on a jacket, some glasses, he is older, and he goes to the chalkboard and starts to make some notes......)

ISAAC -  And this my dear students, is one you may be able to remember with a simple
pnemonic device......

           (He draws two curves as the lights start to dim)

ISAAC -  There is a term in geometry that describes the place where two curves or surfaces
come into contact, or where their common tangent exists. The term is.....osculation.....
It's almost as if the two curved lines are...... kissing. 

          (Spotlight on the curved lines, then blackout.  The end.)

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