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Monologue Mania Day # 1666 Tightrope by Janet S. Tiger (c) Sept. 8, 2018

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Monologue Mania Day # 1666 Tightrope by Janet S. Tiger (c) Sept. 8,  2018

                    (from the play Ringmaster)
                                  by Janet S. Tiger    c) May 20, 2014
                                      all rights reserved

            (A woman comes out – she is dressed in tights, can be almost nude in appearance.  She takes a magic marker and draws a line across the stage.  Steps on one end, puts out both arms)

Each day……is like being on a tightrope.

           (She takes a step, carefully.)

We open our eyes, and we are awake.

          (She takes another step)

We feel all the aches and pains that have appeared and reappeared overnight.

           (The next step is gingerly taken)

But we keep going.

We try not to look down…..

            (She  peers cautiously over the line)

…but we do anyhow….and it doesn’t help!  If anything….

            (She wobbles a bit, gets a hold, continues)

………looking makes it worse.  We say we want to know what’s about to happen, we want to be in control, but the truth is…..we don’t!

            (She looks behind herself, shudders)

It is so much easier when we can’t see how far we’ve come……

            (She now takes a bandanna from a pocket and ties it around her eyes)

Or how far we have to go…….

            (She does another couple of steps, much more confident)

There is a poetry in the motion of the unknown – we walk through life and we try to toe the line, be the good person…..only sometimes……

            (She stumbles a bit, rips off the bandanna and jumps.)

….sometimes you just can’t do the right thing….you ….

            (She is in free fall now)

….you end up choosing the story line that seems better at the time, like going out for that drink….or more fun, like telling a small lie so you can go away for a weekend, or less work, because life is so much work….….

            (And then she lands……on the line again)

Only to find you are back right where you started.

            (She starts to put the bandanna on, then stops)

But this time, maybe it’s best with your eyes wide open….

            (She ties the bandanna around her neck, starts to inch across the line)

And maybe this time you can get through the day….without falling off the line…..

            (She reaches the other side of the stage, looks back at the line.)

So tomorrow, you can do it again – only tomorrow, you get to do it…..

            (She steps back on the line, arms out, only in the opposite direction)


            (She does one step back turns to look at how far she has to go.  Blackout.)


First posted    May 20, 2014 Day #97   Tightrope 

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