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Monologue Mania Day # 1660 Another View by Janet S. Tiger (c) Sept. 2, 2018

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Monologue Mania Day # 1660 Another View  by Janet S. Tiger (c) Sept. 2,  2018 

                         Another View 

                                           by Janet S. Tiger
                        (c) all rights reserved  2018

          (Young man enters, dressed for an interview, nervous, trying to appear not nervous, but not doing too well!  Looks to the side and smiles)

That's a beautiful aquarium......

(listens)  You're welcome.....Oh, yes, here' my resume.....

          (Hands the resume.)

Um, yes, I heard the question.

(Clear throat, trying to buy time)  What new activity have I tried recently that changed my life?

(Deep breath)  Well, I went to a seminar about the importance of transparency in the workplace....(Mechanical)  It was fascinating.  I learned a lot, and it will help with a job like this....


Have I always wanted to work in the field of tech?  Of course!  My father is a programmer and.....

         (Looks at aquarium)

(Sighs)  What did I want to do......okay I'll tell you the truth.  I went to the beach this week.  And I went snorkeling for the first time with a friend......and I actually saw a leopard shark!  And a garibaldi!  And it was awesome, and I ...I realized....they didn't care about me at all....all the fish, they don't worry about me, or my problems!  Not at all!

It was like a world of....of magic!

And it changed my life!  Or maybe your question did!  Because.....I don't want to do this!  I hate computer code!  It makes my head hurt! 

and I loved looking at everything under the water!  It was I was home!

So, unless you have a job for me that involves looking at beautiful animals......I quit!

        (Turns to leave, stops, looks back)

(A little embarassed)  I mean, I know I can't quit because I never had the job....but thanks for listening!

        (Goes to leave, then returns to the aquarium, and nods to the fish, waving)

And thank you and your brothers for not listening!

         (He exits to a whole new world view)

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