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Monologue Mania Day # 1597 Scene 1 by Janet S. Tiger (c) July 1, 2018

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Monologue Mania Day # 1597 Scene 1 by Janet S. Tiger (c) July 1, 2018 

This play will premiere tonight at the San Diego Fringe Festival's That 24HrThing!  Free! 
                                      Scene 1
                            © June 30, 2018 all rights reserverd
                         A play in one-act by Janet S. Tiger

Characters - 
       Eric -  40s white, dressed in suit
       Darryl – 30s black, dressed in suit

Setting –
      An office – several offices – generic

         (Office in generic building, chairs, desk, Eric enters, holds up paper, reads)

ERIC - “Scene 1 -  Man named Eric, sitting in office at the DMV”   That would be me. 

         (He goes to sit down in a chair in the office)

ERIC – (Reads) “Black man named Daryl walks into office”

DARRYL -  I don’t want to be at the DMV again!  I had to wait there for three hours last week!
For real! And who wears a suit to the DMV?  So, how about that doctor’s office?

ERIC -  (Sighs)  All right……(Reads)  Man enters generic doctor’s office….

            (Eric puts on lab coat.  Darryl enters, looks worried)

DARRYL -  Dr. Jeckyll,  I presume?

ERIC -  That’s Dr.  JECK-ALL…..and you are…. Mr. Hyde….

DARRYL -  That’s Heed-dee…my father was Danish…..Nah, I can’t do this one either, how
about the one…..

ERIC -  (Getting annoyed)  All right!  I know which one is your favorite!

            (Takes off lab coat, brings out another paper, reads)

ERIC - “Scene 1 -  Man named Eric, sitting in generic office.”

         (He goes to sit down in a chair in the office)

ERIC –.  (Reads) “Black man named Daryl walks into office”

DARRYL -  And that would be…..(with a flourish)…. Moi!….

         (Daryl sees Eric sitting there -they look at each other then they look at their phones.)

ERIC -  Hi…..Are you the next appointment?

DARRYL -  I'm here for the 11 A M.

ERIC -  I’m here for the 11AM!

DARRYL -  There must be some mistake ….

           (Eric shows his phone)

ERIC – No…. I think I got it right

(Darryl  shows him phone, they both look surprised step back from each other )

ERIC -What's going on?

DARRYL -  I don't know

(They step back from each other a little more)

ERIC -  Are you in the right building?

DARRYL -  I'm in the right building - are you in the right building?

ERIC -  (Getting desperate) Look, I really need this job!  Please please understand! I've been out
of work- my kids are starving! I really need this job!

DARRYL – Boo hoo! Let me shed a tear. You want me to give you some sad - I got sad! I grew
up with no money! I am the first person in my entire family to go to college!  And I have to pay back not only my loans but my Auntie Ella too! And wait a minute …how many kids you got? You got any pictures?

ERIC – (Embarrassed to be caught in the lie)  Oh, I have pictures…. but I just don't have them
with me…… anyhow maybe we shouldn't fight maybe we should band together…..

DARRYL - I kind of like that…… you know maybe they're watching us through one of these
walls or something……. maybe that's a camera……

(They inspect the wall)

ERIC -  Well, maybe it's new technology and they want to see if we work together ….maybe
they plan to hire both of us!

DARRYL – Now that is what I call ….positive attitude! How about you and me, we get some
coffee,  we can talk this over make….maybe make them come out to us……

ERIC – (Excited)  That's a great idea…… I like that!

(Eric goes to door and exits, while DARRYL locks the door after him smiles and
laughs.  When Eric realizes he’s locked out, he starts to pound on the door, as he takes off
his jacket , coat and  tie while Darryl also removes his jacket and looks much more casual as he takes a box from underneath the table)

ERIC -  Hey - idiot man! We’re supposed to be a team!   You think by getting in there and
finding some important clue first you're going to get some kind of promotion?
 What's the deal?

DARRYL -I just want to see if you can unlock a door…. that's all….. didn't they teach you
anything in that fancy school you went to?

ERIC - I went to the same school you did - the FBI Academy! - and I graduated before you did
and I graduated higher in my class

DARRYL  - Yeah,  but who's on this side of the door?

(Eric goes to kick in the door just as DARRYL opens it for him)

ERIC/ DARRYL- (together)  Idiot!

DARRYL  -Take a look at this stuff….. maybe we got something………….

ERIC - We don't have a lot of time……

DARRYL -Another cliché……

ERIC -  …. generic ….

DARRYL -  Stereotype

ERIC -  …. Archetype….

       (They agree – nod)

DARRYL -  Pinter….

ERIC – Mamet….

DARRYL – Pfeiffer….. or Iva….

ERIC -  Iva?

DARRYL -  Iva headache after all of this……

          (They shake their heads and Darryl takes a paper and rips it up)

ERIC -  What's in there……

DARRYL – Clues! 

ERIC -  And we can solve them….

DARRYL  - This guy left a few things behind….. I think he wants us to find the kid…

ERIC - I just hope we can figure it out before anything else happens to that little girl….

DARRYL - Why does it have to be a little girl?  Why can't it be a little boy sometime?

ERIC -  Boys can be annoying….

            (They point at each other)

DARRYL - look at this….

           (DARRYL takes out frisbee)
ERIC – Meaningful prop?
DARRYL -Yes, but need to uncover reason
ERIC – Take long?
DARRYL -  All movie
ERIC – Clevah!
DARRYL - Bettah clevah!
      (Both shake heads, ERIC takes out notebook from box)
DARRYL – Real clue?
ERIC-  Made to look like it
DARRYL- Clevah!
ERIC - But Frisbee!
(DARRYL takes Frisbee and throws it, ERIC catches)
ERIC– Never like
DARRYL (Nods)– Yet another new plot
ERIC – (Gets excited)  Reveal!  Big reveal about childhood!
DARRYL –(Quiet)  Father never play?
ERIC – Father play, but… not want to tell,
DARRYL –(nods)  Understand….need to wait ….
ERIC -  Build tension!
       (Both wipe sweat off foreheads, ERIC waits, Darryl looks at him)
ERIC – Your line…..

DARRYL – (Quiet)  Nah, I’m done…..

ERIC -  You can’t be done!  It’s not finished….

DARRYL – But I am!  I’m sick of this!  It’s weird! 
I mean - I know you're a white guy and you want to write this stuff …but why do you always have black guys like me?

ERIC -  I want to be inclusive…..

DARRYL – Well - include me out!  I'm sick of listening to you!

ERIC – (Getting angry) I'm the one writing….. you….. you have to do what I say!

DARRYL – Who told you that crap?  Is that what they taught you in business school?
Well, here’s a new lesson for you - I can do whatever I want!    You can start… but we characters have a life of our own!

ERIC – (Covering ears) Shut up!  I don't have to listen !

DARRYL - Yeah you do  -  (quiet)….because it's time!

(Eric turns away)

DARRYL - Why do you sit in this big office and make up these stories?  We know when you
come in here ….and close the door and the curtains and pretend.

ERIC -  Shut up!

DARRYL – (Serious)   Your father got you this job and you don't want to be here….He made
you get  a degree in business but you…..what you really want is to be in the theater! – an actor, a writer, a director… and inside… know it and so you ….make believe.

            (Eric turns away and Darryl follows him)

ERIC -   No……

(DARRYL  picks up the Frisbee and throws it at Eric)

DARRYL - This is the perfect prop - something that will make you remember something from
your childhood….. the fact that your father used to play Frisbee with you….or  maybe he didn't play Frisbee with you…. but the fact is …you can't stay in this room and play Frisbee forever!

ERIC -  (Hard to remember) My father didn’t play Frisbee with me – I always wanted him to, but
he was busy.  But he was big about teeth!  He was always after me to brush my teeth……he’d call me at college, and that would be our joke…..I’d have to brush my teeth……because that’s what people see when you meet them – a big smile…..

            (Eric turns, picks up the Frisbee, sighs.)

DARRYL -  Because you know that this is the part where the emotions
come out… where you have to face the fact that…… your father… is dead… and don't have to follow in his footsteps.

ERIC -  First my characters rebel, and now….……this death stuff is harder than I thought….

DARRYL -  We can get through it….you can act your way through it….

            (Eric nods and he and Darryl turn to leave.  Then Eric stops and smiles)

ERIC -  And maybe one day, you can admit….that  you are the writer….

DARRYL -  (Laughs)  That’s gonna be a long time……

ERIC -  At least explain again why you have to write in so many white characters….

(As they exit, we hear Darryl explaining he wants to be inclusive.  End of this scene)

Note: A few words about 'free' -  all these monologues are protected under copyright law and are free to read, free to perform and video as long as no money is charged. Once you charge admission or a donation, or include my work in an anthology, you need to contact me for royalty 

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