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Monologue Mania Day # 1580 No Worries (for Caregivers and/or Senior Channel) by Janet S. Tiger (c) June 14, 2018

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Monologue Mania Day # 1580 No Worries (for Caregivers and/or Senior Channel) by Janet S. Tiger (c) June  14, 2018         
                                               No Worries
                       (for Caregivers Anonymous and/or Senior Channel)
                                A monologue by Janet S. Tiger (c)  2018   all rights reserved 

 (Very professional woman enters with a poster under her arm.)

Before you judge me in Senior Channel land., I can honestly say I am officially a senior, and have been for awhile, which allows me to come onto this show and give my opinion, just like all the others I have listened to over the years.

But more important, I have with me an idea that will change the entire face of seniority - in fact, it may even reduce wrinkles, and all as a side-effect of my wonderful new idea .......

        (She lifts up the poster to show the audience)

The Worry Chart!  and The Great Wheel of Worry!

This is not to be confused with the Worry Wart that was on last year - this is a do-it-yourself idea....all you have to do is follow my simple directions.....

Why two options - isn't it obvious?  You need two options so you can worry if you are worrying properly!

You divide your worries so you can conquer them!  

And can rotate your worries to keep them fresh.

Color coding helps - it allows you to instantly determine the priority of worry.  Red of course being on top-

        (She  indicates)

and if confused about who - or what - to worry about - you can spin the wheel and get a new chance.

You can change the color of the item just like this -  and there are all types of variations to keep the game interesting!

If you call someone and they are sick - they can pole vault to the top of the list!  Put them at the top.  A dear friend they go!    And the best part of enhanced worrying....... you listen to the news....(shudders)

          (She spins the wheel)

Become a Worrior Warrior!

And now - for those scientifcally inclined - the covalent bond of worry!  Just like all science - it sounds important, but no one has any idea what it means!

           (She turns to leave, stops, looks back)

And you can sing our theme song -  We are the Worriers.....we worry round and round and round......What's the use of never was up your troubles in your old kit bag and!

          (She dances out singing - her worries in that old kit bag!)

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