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Monologue Mania Day # 1585 A Day at the Beach (In honor of the day that might have been D-Day) by Janet S. Tiger (c) June 19, 2018

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Monologue Mania Day # 1585 A Day at the Beach  (In honor of the day that might have been D-Day) by Janet S. Tiger (c) June  19, 2018           
                                         A Day at the Beach
                             (In honor of the day that might have been D-Day)
                                A monologue by Janet S. Tiger (c)  2018   all rights reserved      

   (The actor marches in, dressed in a uniform, carrying items for the beach- maybe a blanket, chair, pail and shovel)

A day at the beach.  How I love it!

        (Puts out blanket, prepares chair)

The sun, ok, maybe cloudy, but still!  The beach!  Sand and the ocean!

Why is the weather so unpredictable?  Hard to go boating in bad weather!

But if we don't go today, it will be June 19th before we can go again!

What fun!

Not to worry, men, if they shoot at us, just'll be a breeze!

Just another day at the beach!

        (Looks around, as if seeing something horrifying)

But we'll have to bury the fellows who didn't make it......

        (Takes the pail and shovel to exit, stops, looks back)

And that's what we did on June 19th, 1944 - because we were already here.....on the beaches at Normandy......because the weather was good on June 6th........such is life....and death.......on a very special beach.....

        (Exits - for those who served - a big thank you!)

For more information about two weeks after D-Day - the day that might have been D-Day - please click here - D-Day, the Most Important Weather Forecast in History
This is the summary-
Years later, during their ride to the Capitol for his inauguration, President-elect John F. Kennedy asked President Eisenhower why the Normandy invasion had been so successful.
Ike's answer: "Because we had better meteorologists than the Germans!"

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