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Monologue Mania Day # 1582 Let Me Finish! (final scene) by Janet S. Tiger (c) June 16, 2018

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Monologue Mania Day # 1582 Let Me Finish - Please! (last scene) by Janet S. Tiger (c) June  16, 2018         

This will be the final scene in this play - first scene is here - Let Me Finish!
(The middle scene is coming soon)
                                  Let Me Finish - Please!
                                A one-act by Janet S. Tiger (c)  2018   all rights reserved      

LIZ  -50s

ELI - 80s (her father)

         (Liz comes in, she sighs, puts down her purse.  Shaking her head, she goes into the other room, comes back out, still shaking her head.)

LIZ -  I thought I would cry, but I guess, since I knew, maybe the tears are just waiting.  Whoa.  I never thought it would be like this.  All these years.  With Mom it was different.  In the hospital.  Everyone taking care of things......But this. did he get me to agree to do this.....

         (As she sits there, still shaking her head, Eli enters.  He is dressed in a suit and tie and he stands and looks at her for a minute.)

ELI -  .You look a little upset, maybe you should have a glass of water.....You can wait to make the phone calls....

        (She looks up and shakes her head again.)

LIZ -  Now I've really lost it!

         (She runs into bedroom comes out, he is still there)

ELI - We need to talk about a couple of......

LIZ -  What's going on?  I mean.....

ELI   -Will you let me finish?

LIZ - You are finished!  Oh, my God, I'm talking to myself

ELI - Yes and no

LIZ  - Well, that's helpful!

ELI  - And that's my girl!

       (Goes into bedroom, comes out again, goes back into bedroom)

LIZ - I'm hallucinating.

ELI  - No you're not.  

LIZ -  But you're......well, if you're not finished, then I guess I'm going to be haunted!

ELI  - Now you're just being silly - I came to make sure you get this right, because a mistake now, there could be trouble, and I don't want trouble for you.

LIZ - Amazing!  Even now you're telling me what to do!

ELI  - This is a difficult time - I'm just offering a little help.

LIZ - Help?  (Laughs)  You're gonna help me!  

ELI -  That's the plan.....

LIZ -  What plan?

ELI   - Exactly!  

LIZ -  Hold on, I think I remember.......What do I do?  Oh, wait..... I need to call 911....

ELI  -  No you don't.....

LIZ -  (Thinks)'re right, I don't need the funeral home...but ....maybe we should donate the body......

ELI  -(Getting angry)  You can't do that!  Remember?  They do an autopsy!  That's why I went to the doctor last week - no autopsy!  There is no autopsy at my age if there was just a doctor visit!   No autopsy!  They might figure out I have 100 pills in me!  You have to hold it together and follow the plan!  Where's the list?

LIZ -  Here......

           (opens her purse, takes out list, can't look at it)

ELI   - Go ahead, read it

LIZ -  (Sighs)  If I find you....unresponsive, check pulse, if you are cold.....and you are....(runs to other room, comes back with kleenex)
You are cold!

           (Goes to touch him, can't)

LIZ -  But're ...

ELI   -  I'm not cold, not hot......Nothing, I'm nothing.  Just a memory.

LIZ -  Only you're talking  Somehow, even in death, you are still talking....

ELI   -  You think memories don't talk?  Guess again!
         I'm gonna be with you forever.

LIZ -  So, there's no escape.

ELI  - Just like in that stupid play you took me to - No Exit....shoulda been called No End to this Play because it went on forever! - well, maybe it had something.
All I know is, whenever you need me, I'll be there...just like that song about the rat... (sings)  I'll be there.....I'll be there!

LIZ - Could you please stop comparing this! 

ELI  - Ok, you got me, this is an incomparable moment.....just want to remember it.

LIZ - Oh, no chance of forgetting this!  I will try ......but I doubt I ever can!

ELI  - And when you go.....and please, don't give me all the stuff about living forever, because you will be crossing the bridge sometime, my dear daughter, no, when you go, at least I gave you a way to deal with your kids, when the time comes......

LIZ - When the time comes.....

ELI - And now, it's time.....for me......

LIZ - For what?  do you do a magic trick now?  Like walk through the wall?

ELI - You know what I's time to......

        (She looks at the list, starts to cry)

LIZ - Ok, I'll call!

ELI  - Even now, at the end, you still can't let me finish?

LIZ - And even now, after all we've been through,you can't give me a tiny modicum of politeness?
           (They both laugh)

ELI -  Will you PLEASE let me finish?  For real.

         (She looks at him, sighs and is very affected)

LIZ - Can I hug you?

          (He looks at her and she goes to pick up the phone)

LIZ - Bye Daddy.

ELI  - How about......until we meet again?

LIZ - (Sighs)  Until we meet again.

        (Punches in numbers, he comes behind her, put his hands on her shoulders, kisses her hair.  She shudders a bit, and he pulls away)

LIZ - Hello?  Yes, my father has......oh, this is harder to say than I thought it would be....

      (He turns to exit.  She watches him walk away  - if it can look like he walks through the wall - this can be done with lighting and projected wall)

LIZ -  My father is ...gone.....

        (She listens, gets annoyed)

LIZ - (suddenly)  No!  He didn't run away!  He died!  He's cold and kind of blue and......

       (from the other side we hear laughter and then)

ELI   - And now, I'm finished.......

        (Not the end, but for is)

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