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the last timeMonologue Mania Day # 1379 The Last Time by Janet S. Tiger (c) Nov. 24, 2017

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Monologue Mania Day # 1379  The Last Time by Janet S. Tiger (c) Nov. 24, 2017  
From the past - THE FIRST TIME. Female  Day # 324   Male Day # 325
I think they could go together

                                                            The Last Time
                                   A monologue by Janet S. Tiger   © All rights reserved 2017

              (Actor enters with photo album)

It's a funny thing how first times are so often anticipated with a great deal of excitement. Notice I said excitement..... now that can be both good or bad. The first time you do anything as a child is exciting and you very often remember. Maybe not the first step or the first word ....but you don't have to remember those because.....your parents always remember ......

First smile .....your parents will talk about it ......the first smile, the first laugh .....the first joke ...... and then throughout life many many firsts's the first time you go to school first time you ride a bike..... first time you kiss someone. And for most of the firsts..... remembered forever..... or until the day you die.....which could also be forever, but that's another story..

But the last time you do something... now that's different. It is very rarely something that is looked forward to .....except in the case of horrible job. The last time you have to go into that horrible, hateful office..... the last time you have to see the people you don't like. But the last time with people ....that has a completely different sensation.

The last time you see someone. Because you never really sure the last time you will see someone unless of course they die and you wait to see them in your dreams or in another world.

The last time you leave the house that you grew up in. You leave the house you look back you wonder where your life is leading you and it is a bittersweet experience usually. Because even if you did not like the house there were good memories and it somehow, sometimes.... even if the house has grown you to what you are.

And then throughout your life...... the last time you see your friends from school because you're all graduating and you don't realize that in some cases you may never see those friends again...... if it is wartime, then some might not make it through .....but even if it is not war time you have no idea what the future brings ever. 

On one of the last times I saw him, a good friend told me a very sad thing when he said to me as he faced the end of his life he realized you never think about it but one day you realize that there will be a day ......when you have had the last sex of your life.

Immediately I was annoyed with him because thinking about anything that is the last time is a horrible thought! And then I started thinking about all the other last times that were coming for me because I'm getting older.

When you're young you never think in terms of the last time

When you're young the last time really just refers to getting out of school you are much more concerned with first times!

But now as I approach my birthday I look at the people I take care of....... and I see a different world.

My mother is 91 and she is taking us all to Thanksgiving dinner tonight as she has done every year except twice - once when I was in the hospital having a baby, the other,  the year we moved and my daughter insisted on having Thanksgiving once in our house. After a busy night and all the clean up my daughter realized what a gift taking us out was.

Tonight my mother takes us out again to a restaurant which is harder to find in the reasonable price range now. But we will all be together and that is the main thing because I wonder as I do every year.... will this be the last time we are all together like this. The last time.....what a treasure!

The last time your mother says out loud I love you.....

The last time your father can walk by himself to his car without a wheelchair....

The last time you talk to a friend on the phone ...

The last time you ever see a friend in person and get to hug them.....

The last time the friend remembers you.....

The last time you visit the friend's grave......

The last time you see your children as young anymore because they are now grown up with their own lives......

But they will always be your children ........there will never be a last time for that.....


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