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Monologue Mania Day # 1376 Giving Thanks (Book of Teas) by Janet S. Tiger (c) Nov. 21, 2017

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Monologue Mania Day # 1376 Giving Thanks (Book of Teas) by Janet S. Tiger (c) Nov. 21, 2017  
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                                                    Giving Thanks 

                                                     (from Book of Teas)
                                 A monologue by Janet S. Tiger   © all rights reserved

                 (This is T's Daddy, who is a big man, full of life and he is shaking his head at T.  He has a deep Southern accent, too.)
Luck - everyone has luck!  They just can't see it cause most people are blinder than bats.  You have luck right now, T, and I bet you don't see it.' 
Here you are, complainin about (imitates his daughter)  Bertie made me my least favorite breakfast, corn muffins!  They stick in my throat and make me cough for HOURS, Daddy, just hours, and then, when I was walkin to school, I encountered my arch nemesis Carol May Andrews, who had a new dress and was very mean to me........'
                (He pretends to cry)
'And then there was school!'
                (He stops and leans close in to T.)
Can you see me, T?

                (He listens)

Can you hear me?

               (He nods at T)
Good, that means your brain is workin', too.  Three lucky things and you are not even  aware of them.

               (He watches her think on this)

(Kinder) Most people don't realize that the only real luck on this earth is the fact we are given   today.
 Today!  Today is your lucky day.  No matter what happens to you today, it is better  by far than any day for the people in the cemetery over by the edge of town.  They have   no more luck.  Their luck has run out.  You, on the other hand, have the luck of today, being able to see the sunshine, and hear the crickets, and enjoy being miserable if you so   desire.  You have choices, my lovely daughter, and that, that is what luck is.  
Most people have no idea how very lucky they are, how much they have to be thankful for!  They complain bitterly and moan about things that others would be happy to have to complain about!          
You may not  understand this now, but watch, and listen.  When our dear neighbor, Mz  Gautier talks  with your mother about how her new car is not the color  she ordered, I want you to watch the eyes of the servants around her - look at ol' Edward, the man who drives that new ugly yellow car.  Do you think he would give just about  anything to have that ugly car for his family?  Of course he would, but he can't afford it now,  because his daughter is sick, and the money he saved has to go to  fix her problem.

            And he listens to Miz. Gautier complain, and maybe some days, if he's lucky, he realizes that Miz. Gautier does not have a sick daughter - she has no children at all to worry about.  So he is lucky to have a child to worry about.  Thankful he has a child at all.  So no matter how bad a day he has, it can never be as bad as the day Mz. Gautier has.......and that's how he can keep goin.

           (He kneels down next to her)

So, T, if you can learn how to be thankful for what you have, you will get to live in and enjoy every day of your life, even the ones that don't seem so good.  

 Luck - everyone has just about as much as they want, only most people don't ever know.  It's like they lived in a giant palace, and all they could see were the cracks in the  floorboards where they walked.

            (Her father turns and walks away, stops and looks back.)

Look at the palace, T, not the cracks.  Give thanks and life will be your palace. 

            (He exits.  End of scene)

First posted Day #287 by Janet S. Tiger  Giving Thanks Nov. 26, 2014  

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