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Monologue Mania Day #562 Swirly by Janet S. Tiger Aug. 28, 2015

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Monologue Mania Day #562 by Janet S. Tiger  Aug. 28, 2015

                                       A monologue by Janet S. Tiger
                                             © 2015 all rights reserved
          (She comes onstage hesitantly, cleaned up, but not used to being where she is, or dressed in such clothing, all of which is newer, but not really stylish, just clean and simple.  She has one featured item that stands out - a very large purse that looks as if too many items are crammed into its enormous sections)

Thank you, your Honor, I'm fine now, I'm sorry I got sick like that and everyone had to take a break, just because a me......I guess, I'm just not used to courts like this one......


Yes, I understand, your Honor, I'm still under oath.  I don't lie! 


I understand.....I won't yell or nothin'.....yes I remember what I was talkin' I take care of my boy.....he's a good's some things I got for him!

       (She pulls out some toys, kids stuff from her purse)

......and I been workin' hard to stay clean, I have!  It's not easy, but that program you sent me to....I mean they're real strict, but I been followin' the goin' old friends......they can tell ya, I been good.....and I want my baby back.....Jody's a good kid, it's not his fault what I did, and ...I mean.....why make him pay for my mistakes?  I know he deserves a better mother, but maybe ....I dunno....he needs his mother.  Don't kids do better with their mothers?  I mean....I couldn't help how he started out.....but I'm tryin' now!  I'm his mother!  No one else can take my place!


Oh, that.  That's a bad nickname, I wish my tongue had been cut out instead of givin' him that nickname......and I swear I'll never call him that again......I didn't mean it to be nasty, you know, it's just, I didn't know I was pregnant, and then, when he was the bathroom, and I looked....and there he was.....I was so high, and my boyfriend said what're you gonna call it - Swirly?  I laughed.

      (She is very affected by this)

God forgive me please!  But I laughed....and that's what I called him, and you know from the records you have there, I got him to the hospital, and he was ok......but they never let me hold him after that....they just sent me off for all those months.....and when I got back, they told me he was gonna be adopted by his foster parents, and I asked to go get help and I got help!  And now that I'm gotta give me a chance......well, maybe you don't gotta, but, I'm prayin' you will.....because I love him, he's my son......

       (She hears something, gets very angry)

I heard that!  Maybe I called him wrong, but I was high.....and you're not!  So shut up - and don't never call him that again!   

       (She turns to leave, stops looks back)

Thank you. 

       (She exits.  Blackout)

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