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Monologue Mania Day #544 Over (for An Oscar for Olivia) by Janet S. Tiger Aug. 10, 2015

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Monologue Mania Day #544 Over (for An Oscar for Olivia) by Janet S. Tiger  Aug. 10, 2015

           For other monologues from An Oscar for Olivia, please see Days # 493-4
                                                (for An Oscar for Olivia)
                                    A monologue by Janet S. Tiger   © all rights reserved  2015                                                                             

           (Olivia is an actress in her sixties, and she has just been asked why she is still trying to hit the big time in Hollywood.  She thinks about this for a moment before she answers)

Interesting you should ask this, now.  When did you think I should have given up?  No, that's a rhetorical question......I'm thinking of an answer that will show you how far I've come to get here.

Not just all the way from the Midwest.....from a small town.....the distance is the same as from here to another galaxy.

I always did the right thing.  I went to school.  I got good grades.....I had plans and dreams and before they could even have a chance to poke their little heads out of the soil, they were stomped, that's not right.... I was her only father died in Korea, I don't remember him very much.  A distant on the piano.

I chose to stay, to take care of my mother.  Do the right thing.

I raised a generation of new actors.....of young people who learned to speak in front of others and not faint.....teenagers who married and stayed in the small town like I did....others who left....then when my mother died.....I realized was almost over for me.....

Over.  Such a final word.  My chances were....gone.  I looked at the past years and I wondered where they had friends had married, most of them......some with children, some divorced, but all of us at the same age.....the forty year could see it in the faces....over.  We were where we were, and there was no going back....but there was also the sense that....all those dreams, whatever they had turned into....we were who we were.  And the rush of youth was.....over.....

(Starts to get angry)  But I didn't feel that way!  Not inside!  Not in my soul!  This can't be all there is!  I can't allow that!  I didn't listen to those stirring speeches from the greatest writers in the world to end up........done.

And so I sold everything.....the house, all the car.  My mother's car.  And every penny I have is invested  So, if you think I am too old to carry this part....too old to be a new face....well, then I will just keep going, until someone in your position ....gets over this silly idea that everyone over a certain over......Thank you.  I hope we can work together some day.

       (She turns to leave, stops, looks back)

Because I am not done!

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Jennifer Silva Redmond said...

OMG. I want to play this part so much!!!!