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Monologue Mania Day #548 Big Mo by Janet S. Tiger Aug. 14, 2015

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Monologue Mania Day #548  by Janet S. Tiger  Aug. 14, 2015

                              Big Mo

                       A monologue by Janet S. Tiger   © all rights reserved  2015                                                                           

    (The girl – I see someone in their teens, but older can work, too - comes onstage holding a picture of a cat.  She shows it proudly to the crowd - a Southern accent will help.)

This is Mo.  He is ma hero.  My family was adopted by Mo when I was just ten years old.  He was the biggest cat I evah saw.  Mo was the biggest cat anyone saw...evah!  He had mo' hair than any other cat -  That's why we called him...'Mo'....

And he was a sweet cat, and he could talk!  He could say his own name.....(she opens her mouth wide)...MO...oh.....oh.........\

Everyone loved Mo.  My granma lived with us and she loved Mo, too.  They were like old friends.  Sometimes I wondered if she loved Mo more than me, and I asked her one day.  She looked at me funny and said, 'Honey, I could never love a cat more 'n I love you...' and she hugged me, and I knew zactly what she meant.  Cause I loved Mo, but not anywheres as close as I loved my granma......

        (She sighs puts the picture on a table)

We was all out the night of the fire......we'd gone to a double feature at the picture show......I can still remember the movies......Godzilla and Godzilla vs. Rodeann......a double feature that needed two buckets of popcorn and three sodas to sit through......

We come home to see a light in the sky in the distance......'Must be a fire' said my Daddy......'Hope nobody's hurt' my momma said.......and then a fire truck pulled past us, goin' fast.  Hooboy, I remember that fire truck......maybe I married a fireman 'cause I liked that firetruck so we come round the bend to our street, and now we passed the hill, we could see the fire was on our block!   Oh, no, it was.......our house!

         (She looks up in horror)

The whole garage was on fire!  It was not like in a movie, it was smoky, and noisy and my momma was white.  She looked like she had seen a ghost…… 'Momma'...she whispered…It all hit us...Granma!  She was at home, was she....was she in the house?

Daddy pulled up on our neighbor's lawn, the Diddleys, and we ran oast the firetrucks - there were three now, and they were tryin' to stop the fire from spreadin'/  Lucky we were, cause the wind was down that night, and it was muggy.......but none of that mattered....where was grandma?

Then we saw her!  Standin' in her nightgown talkin' to one of the firemen.  More accurate, arguin' with him.  He was tryin' to get her to take some oxygen.......

         (She takes a deep breath)

But she was ok......he got her to breathe some of the oxygen from the tank and she was feisty as always.......

        (She takes a step back, the memory is very strong)

Granma, you're all right!  But.....where's Big Mo?  

She looked at me and said, 'I have no idea and I am not worried.  I walked outta that house without shoes and my purse and I am watchin' my house burn.....that cat is the least a my worries.....'

       (She peeks throughout the audience, under the chairs, etc.)

I went lookin' for Mo ......I found the old tabby that Mo hung out with, but no sign of was the worst night of my life.......and then...

        (She stops, starts to cry, then gets ahold of herself)

One of the firemen came out, holding......Mo.  He was......gone......dead........Now I had seen death, and some turtles, even a bird that flew into the window too hard.....but Mo, I loved Mo....I started to cry, first for Mo, then for all the worries you can have at age 10.......the fireman put down Mo on the grass and I wept over him for what seemed like ages, then that fireman came back and put his arm around me.  (as fireman)  'Honey, I know you musta loved this cat, and it hurts to lose a pet.....but it is just a cat, you know, you can get another cat.....'

       (She looks 'up' at the fireman, wailing)

'Oh, honey, I know it won't be the same cat, but you gotta remember what's important....'

       (She breathes deeply, trying to explain)

I know it's just a cat, but I ain't cryin' for Mo, I'm cryin' because....because I'm glad it was Mo......and not my granma!  Cause I know I can get another cat......but I can't get another granma!......And I burst into tears........and he patted my head and said, 'that's different, honey, you just cry as long as you want'.........

So I did, and then I felt my granma standin' next to me......touchin' my arm......'Just a cat, sweetpea, just a cat.....' .....but when I looked up, I saw a tear comin' down her cheek.......and I hugged her and told her I was glad it was Mo and not her.....and she said, 'Me, too'.......

        (She gets the picture of the cat)

Granma lived to see me get married and have her first great grandbaby.......and tomorra you are gonna be married, so I hope I get to see my first great grandbaby......but I wanted you to have this as a present.  Because the words from that night were the best advice I got in my whole life.....I hope they help you, too.   

          (She turns to leave, stops, looks back)

Just can always get another cat......

         (She exits, skipping.  Based on a true story......and a true cat.  Hope you are still resting in peace, Big Mo)

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