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Monologue Mania Day #545 Trapeze Artist by Janet S. Tiger Aug. 11, 2015

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Monologue Mania Day #545 Trapeze Artist by Janet S. Tiger  Aug. 11, 2015

          for other monologues from The Ringmaster, please see Days 83, 97, 472

                                                          Trapeze Artist
                                                            (for The Ringmaster) 
                               (Not really) A monologue by Janet S. Tiger   © all rights reserved  2015                                                                                       tigerteam1@gmail.com

           (The man swings out on a trapeze, lands before the Ringmaster -aka Whoopi Goldberg - and she tips her hat to him.  They both look up and see two women on the trapeze. They don't see each other and it looks like they will collide, but they don't)

ARTIST - That was close!

RINGMASTER -  You bet your tights it was close!

ARTIST  -I don't know how this happened.....

RINGMASTER -  (Incredulous)  You don't know how this happened?  You come to the circus and you have a trapeze and you have two women swinging around and you think they're not gonna bump into each other?  Come on!  This isn't my first circus, you know....

ARTIST -  I know.  I think when I first came, you were one of the girls on that trapeze....

RINGMASTER-   Did I hear you right?  Did I hear you say something about my past?

ARTIST - (Quickly) Sorry!   I must've mistaken you for someone who looked just like you!

RINGMASTER -  Oh, yeah, cause a lot of people just look like me!

ARTIST -  I guess I'm just a bit.....a bit...

RINGMASTER -  Concerned?

ARTIST -  (Relieved)  Concerned?

RINGMASTER -  Worried?

ARTIST - Worried.....

RINGMASTER -  Pooping in your pants because they might see each other and know?

         (He pulls at his belt)

ARTIST -  Maybe a little.....I didn't mean it to happen this way....I had no idea that Sheila and her family would move into my neighborhood!  That wasn't my fault!

RINGMASTER -  No it wasn't....

ARTIST -  I'm glad you agree...

RINGMASTER -  Banging Shiela at your Christmas party...THAT was your fault!

ARTIST -   But I.....I've always been able to  do that before....I've had lots of ....fun....at parties....when I was traveling on business....

          (Now there are fireworks and we see a bunch of women - as many as the budget can allow!- on assorted trapezes, swinging through the air, never seeing each other, almost but never quite touching)

ARTIST -  And it was fun, and it didn't mean anything!  Not to me, not to them!

RINGMASTER -  Maybe not to most of them.....

          (One of the girls starts crying, takes the rope from the trapeze and wraps it around her neck, exits)

ARTIST -  I didn't know about that.....I wasn't aware.....I can't be blamed.......but then......

           (There are fireworks and smoke and all the women disappear in the smoke.  Except for one, Sheila.  The spotlight hits her. )

ARTIST -  I fell in love.  I never meant to!  It wasn't my fault!  I can't be blamed for falling in love!  Love is....different....

RINGMASTER -  Ain't that the truth!

ARTIST -  Love is....special.....it's transforming.....it changes you.....

RINGMASTER -  From a cheater to an adulterer.....

ARTIST -  What could I do?

              (Sheila takes the trapeze and brings it to him, they swing together.  Another woman is seen holding a couple of dolls, she gets on a trapeze and swings close to them.  They miss, and he gets off, watches the two women swinging closer and closer as they were at the beginning of the scene)

ARTIST -  I can't watch!  They're coming too close!

              (Sheila now swings back with a bag of groceries.....and the other woman swings past)

ARTIST -  It's like watching a train wreck!

RINGMASTER -  Or when worlds collide......

ARTIST -  I can't choose....I love them both!  And they love me!  But I hate the hiding and the sneaking around!  And the uncertainty!  Never knowing what's going to happen!
RINGMASTER-  Tell the truth....

ARTIST -  That is the truth!

            (The Ringmaster takes out her whip and snaps it at him, he jumps back)

RINGMASTER- You can do it.....

ARTIST -  But I am telling....

            (She holds up the whip, he stops)

RINGMASTER - All the truth needs is a little encouragement.....

           (He hesitates and she wiggles the whip.  He takes a deep breath and drops to the ground on his knees)

ARTIST -  All right!   I love the circus!  I love it!  I love the hiding and the sneaking and the feeling alive!  And not knowing who's calling me and who's checking out my messages and I love not knowing what's going to happen and I love wondering who's gonna fall off the high wire and ......

             (There is a scream and we see the  two women are frozen for a moment about to intersect)

ARTIST - (Horror)    No!!!!!!

             (Blackout.  We hear the whip crack.  End of scene.)

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