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Monologue Mania Day #542 End of the Story (for Book of Teas)by Janet S. Tiger Aug. 8, 2015

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Monologue Mania Day #542 End of the Story (for Book of Teas)by Janet S. Tiger  Aug. 8, 2015

                       The Book of Teas is coming to its climax, and I thank all the readers here for putting up with my different monologues as I find the best route for T and her family.  There is a problem with this monologue, and am not sure how to fix it.  But no matter which of these is included in the final book/play, I've tried to design it so that each of these monologues can stand on their own.
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                                      End of the Story

                                                  (for Book of Teas) 
                          A monologue by Janet S. Tiger (c) all rights reserved              
               (T is talking - still with a Southern accent - to her daughter and granddaughter and Ella)

(Imitating her granddaughter)  'I love him and I'm gonna marry him and that's the end of it!'

             (She laughs hard and wipes her eyes afterwards)
Oh, no, dear,  marriage is never the end of it.  It is the beginning of it - a lot of it if you know what I mean.
When you marry, you marry not only the man but his past, his family his life.
You are joined at the rib - near the heart, and if you have children, you will be forever blood relatives.
So, no, this is not - and in no way is it - the end.  Except perhaps of innocence, and I am not talkin about the sexual kind, because I know - even if everyone has been trying to hide it from me - that you two have lived together for this last year.

No, I am talkin about the innocence that is only possibly in those never married.  So, that you will leave behind, but for everythin else, it is the very beginnin.
And here you think your momma is upset that your husband to be is of a different color - beige or tan, I think one might describe it.  And that is not the way I raised her.  The South has changed because some of us never liked the way it was.

         (Holds up her hand)
I know what's about to come out of that mouth.  (Imitates)  'Well if it's not his color, what is it grandma?'
(Strong)  He is fifteen years older than you, my dear!  And that may not seem like a hell of a lot right now, when you are 26 and he is still kickin at 41, but when you hit 55 and he is 70, let me tell you, that is gonna be a big leap of faith.
(Mimics) 'But who knows how long anyone is gonna live, gramma?  I could die first, you know.'
Where does she get off sayin such horrible things?  Be quiet, do not even tempt the fates!
Reality is such that he will have a heart attack, or a stroke, or somethin awful before you - and we are just tryin to get you to see that!

        (She turns to her daughter and points)
It's your daughter, why do you expect her to listen to me?  You never listened to me!
(Mimics)  'She listens to you, momma, not me.'
I am now very confused - you want her to listen to me, but you never did?
We all started laughin then, and I told her that love is such a strange thing, that I could not stand in its way.
And then she told us that she was gonna be related in blood to him - she was pregnant, and not to worry, that had already married back in Chicago in a civil ceremony.  This was enough excitement for me - I was to be a great-grandmother to a baby that was related to me by blood - and by another story, which I will now relate because I think it kind of clarifies some of the rest of this, don't ya think, Ella.
Ella nods, she knows this story well.   Because she was there - and this story is about her as well.

Families are built on many things, but the common glue that holds all families together is made outta two things - love.....and lies. 
And this is a story about lies....

        (The lights fade.  End of scene)


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