Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Monologue Mania Day #546 Fire by Janet S. Tiger Aug. 12, 2015

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Monologue Mania Day #546  by Janet S. Tiger  Aug. 12, 2015

                        A monologue by Janet S. Tiger   © all rights reserved  2015                                                                              

          (The young man slinks onstage, looks around, smiles.)

Hey......I thought I'd find you here, old ya been?  Want a smoke?  Yeah, all right...

          (He takes out a cigarette and passes it along, takes out a match, lights it, then blows it out)

Good, there's nothing like a good smoke when you're cold, man, and it's cold. 

            (Looks around, admiring)

Wow, you picked yourself a real winner this time, didn't ya?  There's a good dumpster right around the corner, behind that you always got food, but there's no rats here, cause this place has been closed for years,......and no one can see you sleepin'.....

         (Takes out a newspaper and shows it)

Did ya see?  They have a big article....all about me.....right here, on the front page......

         (Smiles and nods)

That's right......with the last fire, that makes 15.......and they ain't caught me yet!  They think they're so smart.....but I use matches, just like you showed me.....

         (He removes a matchbook from his pocket, strikes one, watches it burn in awe)

Beautiful!  Always beautiful to see!  Even when it's little, like's the same when it's big.....only big, it's beautiful for the whole world to see......that spark, and then it's like, almost like I'm God, and I'm making light......out of the darkness!

        (He holds it up then lets it burn out, takes out another match)

I do it just like you taught.......only one match, burned all the way.  I wear a hood, and a cap, and keep my hands in my pockets, so no one sees my tats......

        (He bends over, pretends to light another match.)

That was a good tip......if there's a camera, it don't catch my marks, so they can't prove anything.....And I don’t hang around watchin’, cause the cops always look for us watchin’…..but sometimes (smiles)  sometimes it’s just too magnificent to walk away!

        (He looks up, seeing the flames in his head)

I remember the first fire we was behind that old shed......the one with the condemned sign on it.......we were doing the state a favor......I never saw nothing so beautiful in my whole life!  Fire!  No woman can burn like that!  I tried, but they all like the matches......they start out hot, but then they flicker.....and they get the ashes at the end.....

       (He crumples what is left of the match)

 Cold.........and one wants to look at the soot.....everyone only loves the fire.....

        (He scatters the ashes)

So, I gotta go.  I gotta do one tonight.  You can see it's building up, like a pressure inside a know what that feels like......I got no choice......But I'll come back, bring you some smoke when I got a minute.....enough to keep you warm......Here....this'll burn good......

       (He takes one last look, then hands the newspaper,  turns to leave, stops, looks back)

Take care of yourself.....Dad.....

       (He exits.......into the ashes)

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Jennifer Silva Redmond said...

Ooh. Chilling. But I love how you always have sympathy for your character.