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Monologue Mania Day #465 Memorial Day Memories by Janet S. Tiger May 23, 2015

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Monologue Mania Day #465 by Janet S. Tiger  May 23, 2015

  This was first run last year on Memorial Day, and I think it's a good time to bring it back as this is Memorial Day weekend.  

                                    Memorial Day Memories
                                               (for the Senior Channel)
                                                    by Janet S. Tiger  
                                       (c) May 22, 2014     all rights reserved

                             (An older man comes onstage.  He is in uniform and marches proudly, albeit slowly, turns sharply and salutes the audience.)

The Senior Channel has allowed me to come and address you on this Memorial Day.  This is a first for the Senior Channel, as I am the first dead person who will be speaking to you.  From what I have seen on this channel, probably not the last, either!  You see, I died last week.  Today, Memorial Day, they are burying me in the local Army cemetery.....through the magic of television and these newfangled recording devices,  I have something different to say than you will probably not hear at all the parades and picnics and celebrations.

You see, I am not going to talk about all of us dead ones, although I will confess, we do appreciate hearing about ourselves.  No,  today I am here to honor those who did not die, but did give - and continue to give their lives.

When I entered the service, the man in charge of training us - Sgt. Edgar Kaminski was his name - he told us something I have never forgotten - every one in a uniform gives their life.

It was more than a little frightening to  hear that, but then he explained.

Some of us would give the rest of our lives - by being killed in battle or from the result of wounds incurred thereof.  But the rest of us - we would be giving our most precious gift, that of our time, our lives, one year, two, twenty, sixty-five - because by serving, we were giving our days, weeks, months........years preserve the freedom that others before us had also worked to save.

If we lived through what we were about to go through, and many of  my friends did not, we were being honored on Memorial Day just as surely as all the others who did not live to see these parades and celebrations.

So, if you see a soldier in uniform today - or any day, for that matter - please tell them you appreciate their gift of their life - so that you can live your life in freedom.

They will appreciate - on that, you have my word.

                  (He salutes.  Turns to go, looks back)

At ease.....commence to hot dogs!

                   (He exits.  A big thank you to all those who have given -and continue to give - their most precious gift, their lives, so that we can have a great Memorial Day in freedom!)



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