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Monologue Mania Day #446 Look at Me! by Janet S. Tiger May 4, 2015

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 Monologue Mania Day #446 Look at Me!  by Janet S. Tiger  May 4, 2015                                                                         Look at Me!
                              A monologue by Janet S. Tiger   © all rights reserved                                                                                       

        (This can be performed with 3 actors for the 3 different stages, or for one great actor.  This great actor comes onstage in a flurry - the flurry that is youth.)

Hello!  Hello!  Look at me!  Look at me!  I am up here because I love for everyone to LOOK AT ME!  Aren't I beautiful!  Aren't I the most handsomest, beautifullest thing you have EVER seen!

          (Twirls around)

That's why I want you to look at me!

Come on!  Stop wiggling and looking at your watch and your purse and your shoes and your iphone!  You were supposed to put that all away when you came in here and sat down and got ready to LOOK AT ME!

Can't you just tell the earth and sun and stars revolve around my very being!  I am so lovely that every eye is drawn to my face.....and my young limbs!

          (Does a physical move to impress)

See that?  I can do many more things like that!  I can do this for hours, and hours, and so what if mommy and daddy do not come to my shows, I don't care, because when I am here on stage, everyone LOOKS AT ME!

        (Points into the audience)

You there!  I see you looking at me!  You love me, I can tell!  That's all that matters, that you love me, and that I receive all this wonderful love!  And when the ones I love turn their backs on me, I do not care, because, no matter what, I get all the love I need....from YOU!

        (Walks a bit away,ages into someone a bit older, turns back)

(More mature, less bouncy, but still full of verve)  Look at me!  I will memorize long speeches and I will emote!

          (Leans head back, hand on forehead)

To be or not be!  Romeo, wherefore art thou?  Attention must be Me!  Because I am so wonderful!  So talented!  Still so beautiful that my glow is seen all the way to the very back of the theater!  I never forget a line....well, hardly ever! I will take any part, do any tiny thing just to get up here on these planks!   And you love me, I know you do......which is why I love it when you...look at me.....please, it means all the world, when I have troubles, and bad things happen to my family and my friends, but most of all to me of course, when I get up here, and you look at me, I forget all my troubles, forget all my cares.......which is why I need you to...look at me....please.....

          (The actor walks off, this time with elegance, turns and comes up much older, maybe with a cane, or a limp)

Look at me!  I am still here, and I still want look at me.  Because, off of this stage, I am almost invisible.  I  do not exist for half the population.  They look right through me.  But step up here, on this hallowed can and you do......  look at me.  And I still appreciate it.  Maybe I didn't before, like I do now, but I want to.....give that back to you.  While you are looking at me, giving me your undivided attention......let me entertain you....let me make you smile......

          (Does a little dance)

Maybe with more clothing on than when I was younger, but now, I want you to look at me so I can help you forget your troubles......come on, you can do it...get happy!  This isn't the judgment day - we can all have a good time, and that's what I want for you all now.......I may have a few more wrinkles, all right, without this make-up my chin looks like a shitzu!  But it doesn't matter now, because, I know we have all been through the same things, and maybe I am the one up here, because you, you might have been afraid to stand up, but I wasn't.  I may never have been able to do calculus, but I could always take away that sad look you had when you came in.  That's why I still love up to be up here, after all these years.  I love to look at all of you and know, that maybe, I have lightened your load for just a moment, once in awhile.  And on bad days, I hope you think of me, and smile, and it makes life a bit easier.  So I hope that, when you...... look at me, you know....(moved)....that it up here....that I love all of you very much.

        (Turns to leave, stops, looks back)

You've been a lovely audience.....thank you....for looking at me.  Here's looking at you, kids.....

        (Tips hat to the audience and exits....for this show....)

Janet S. Tiger    858-736-6315
Member Dramatists Guild since 1983
Swedenborg Hall 2006-8

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