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Monologue Mania Day #458 Favorite Covers by Janet S. Tiger May 16, 2015

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Monologue Mania Day #458 Favorite Covers by Janet S. Tiger  May 16, 2015

       For anyone who has had -and loved - a favorite blanket.

                               Favorite Covers

                              A monologue by Janet S. Tiger   © all rights reserved  2015                                                                             

          (The older woman runs onstage, annoyed)

Where'd you hide it, Perry?  I know you took it!  You always do!  And you love to torture me by hiding it in some horrible place!

(Loud)  I will only ask you one more time!  (Even louder)  WHERE IS MY FAVORITE BLANKET!  And yes, I know we called them favorite covers, but nowadays a favorite cover has something to do with a song - yes, that's right, A SONG!  And the one who told me was YOUR DAUGHTER who loves all that crazy music!  So, once again, WHERE IS MY FAVORITE..... COVER?

         (She looks around, waiting, then, very slowly, she reaches into her pocket, drawing out a very ragged piece of very old satin binding)

(Sad)  I knew it.  You put it in the last place I'd ever look.  Or maybe..... I put it there.....does it matter?  I found it.......

         (She holds the remnant and sniffs it deeply)

Ummmmm, that delicious flavor.  I can remember lying on a blanket with you and drinking milk from a bottle, listening to Momma reading us some fable......Tortoise and the called it the Tortured Hairs......and I was the one who got tortured......until that boy in school, Antonio I think his name was....he pulled my pigtails and you chased him and beat him up and when they asked you why you did it, you said, 'that's my sister- nobody pulls her pigtails but me!'.......

          (She rubs the cloth on her face reverently)

And the silky feel against my skin.....I used to hate when you hid this from me.....and Momma refused to get involved with the fight.....remember?.....she'd say we had to work it for ourselves because one day, she'd be gone, and all we'd have is each other......and that day, another day has that we both knew would happen, but I guess I won this fight......I lasted longer, Perry.

        (She walks over to one side, touches something.)

You look nice in that coffin.  I'm glad they picked this wood, I know you used to whittle it when we were kids.......

        (She bows her head, tries not to cry.)

Goodbye, Perry.
         (She turns to leave, stops, goes back, takes the cloth and puts it with him)

Now I'll always know..... where my favorite blanket is.......

         (She exits, waving)
Janet S. Tiger    858-736-6315
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Jennifer Silva Redmond said...

So sweet—there's nothing like brothers and sisters!